If you had three wishes focusing on Thomas, what would they be? is where Thomas Fans can share what they would wish for if they had three wishes foucing on Thomas.

BiggestThomasFan's Wishes

  1. Bring back Dennis (so he and Norman can appear together)
  2. Bear, Glynn, Judy and Jerome were made into Wooden Railway
  3. All the international engines, except Vinnie, would make appearances in episodes

sonicandknuxfan's Wishes

  • 1. Bring back Duck, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, BoCo, Daisy, Bill, Ben, Stepney and several other old favourites
  • 2. Let Diesel 10, Splatter and Dodge appear in the television series
  • 3. Let Rosie appear more (She's a sweet little engine)

A Wikia contributor's Wishes

  • 1. Bring back Duncan, Freddie, Mighty Mac and Duke and let them work in the Blue Mountain Quarry
  • 2. See an episode where Diesel 10 meets Stephen
  • 3. Have HiT Entertainment release their own Thomas and the Magic Railroad DVD along with other VHSs that haven't been released on DVD like Your Favourite Story Collection, Fun Time Favourites, Story and Song Collection, Playtime and Chases, Races and Runaways

FlyingDuckManGenesis' Wishes

  • 1. Bring BoCo and Express Coaches to the Take N' Play toy line
  • 2. Bring Back BoCo, Duke, and Dennis
  • 3. Put the unfinished episode, "The Missing Coach" as an extra on a Thomas DVD.

GordonExpressEngine's Wishes

  • 1. Allow the characters to say things like "shut up," "stupid", "idiot", "damn it", etc.
  • 2. Adapt more railway series stories
  • 3. Bring back the music from Series 1-4.

BrittalCroftFan's Wishes

  • 1. Thomas and the Magic Railroad be suscessful once more.
  • 2. Put more TV series based on the railway series by Christopher Awdry.
  • 3. Bring Awdry's Model to so I can buy them.

ThomasandMichael's Wishes

  • 1. Put more railway realism and more matures storytellings into the series.
  • 2. Bring back Duck, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, Boco, Duke and several other old favorites.
  • 3. Adapt more Railway Series stories and let characters like the Mountain Engines appear in the TV series.

SuperMalechi's Wishes

  • 1. Bring back Duck, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, Boco, Duke and several other old favorites.
  • 2. Use Ringo Starr's US narrations of Season 1-2 for the rest of VHS's & DVD's.
  • 3. Let Michael Angelis narrate the whole Season 5-7 episodes for US audiences.

Skullzproductions' Wishes

  • 1. Bring Back the king of all channels Fox Family
  • 2. Bring Back Shining Time Station
  • 3. Bring Back Mister Moose's Fun Time

ThomasandMariofan1's Wishes

  1. Bring back Duck, Donald, Douglas, Oliver, Bill, Ben, BoCo, Daisy, Stepeny, Lady and several others with their old personallities.
  2. Bring back ERTL or at least some form of Thomas toys that have the same value as ERTL.
  3. Adapt more Railway Series stories and Scrap CGI.

ThomasandSonicfan1's Wishes

  1. Make better stories
  2. Don't use CGI. Even cartoon would be OK.
  3. Bring back classsic characters

NZGuy's Wishes

  1. Let Ringo Starr narrate the rest of Season 1-2 and stay on as Mr. conductor
  2. Let Michael Angelis narrate Season 3-4 and play Mr. Conductor 2 instead of Carlin.
  3. Bring Back Donald, Douglas, Oliver, BoCo, Bill, Ben and many Classic Characters.

Dude899's Wishes

  1. Have them make a theatrical movie reboot called The Adventures of Thomas and the Magic Railroad with Emily, Molly, Rosie, Stanley, Salty, Daisy, Diesel, Trevor, Terrance, Edward, Donald, Douglas, Murdoch, Charlie, Harvey, Oliver and Duck in it.
  2. Have them make some video game series for Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS, PSP, XBox 360 and Nintendo Wii-U
  3. Voice cast member ideas should include: Elijah Wood as Thomas (voice), Richard Horvitz as Percy (voice), Ice Cube as Gordon (voice), Dan Castellaneta as Henry (voice), Ben Stiller as James (voice), Kath Soucie as Emily (voice), Grey DeLisle as Rosie (voice), Carolyn Lawrence as Molly (voice), Dustin Hoffman as Toby (voice),

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