Here are my Top 20 favorite episodes of The Simpsons.

#20 - Lisa's Wedding from Season 6

Out of all the Simpsons future-theme episodes, this one is the best. This episode is even on the Nostalgia Critic's Top 11 Simpsons episodes. What I like in this episode is how Bart, Lisa and Maggie looked. Bart and Lisa looked very good. And even though Maggie is a teenager, we still don't get to hear her talk. And the first couple of scenes of Lisa met Hugh Parkfield played out nicely. So, this episode is my favorite one that's future-theme.

#19 - A tie between Who Shot Mr. Burns Parts 1 & 2 from Seasons 6 and 7

Maybe I'm cheating a bit, but both parts of Who Shot Mr. Burns were so good. What I like about it is how the first part was the last episode of season 6 and made the season end on a cliffhanger and how part 2 was the Season 7 opener. I don't know many shows that have 2-part episodes go like that. In part 1, I thought it was funny when Homer cot mad at Mr. Burns for not remembering his name. And in part 2, it was revealed of who actually shot Mr. Burns. Well, who would have guess it was Maggie Simpson that did it? This is the only 2-part episode in the Simpsons series and I thought it was fantastic.

#18 - The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson from Season 9

Homer let out one of his biggest D'OH ever (when he's in one of the two towers and saw the parking officer near his car). And I thought the chase scene of Homer and the carriage ride in Central Park was funny. So, this episode had some funny scenes and some hilarious quotes and it's one of my favorites.

#17 - Treehouse of Horror 5 from Season 6

Out of all the treehouse of horrors, this one is my favorite. All three shorts in this one were funny and had some memorable scenes. Like in The Shining, I thought the scene of Homer going crazy and trying to kill his family was funny and Simpsons moment that I'll never forget. This treehouse of horror was funny and I could watch it for hours.

#16 - Homer's Enemy from Season 8

This is another episode that's on the Nostalgia Critic's Top 11 Simpsons episodes. This episode had more classic moments like when Frank Grimes tries to stop Homer from drinking the acid and when Frank Grimes went crazy towards the end. There's really not much more I can say about this episode except that Frank Grimes was hilarious when he got mad at Homer and when he went crazy towards the end.

#15 - Brother From Another Series from Season 8

This is one of the best Sideshow Bob episodes in the series. I like how he actually helps Bart and Lisa in this episode. And this episode was the introduction of Cecil, Bob's brother.

#14 - Trilogy of Error from Season 12

This episode was a great idea. I like how it showed Homer's side of a story, then Lisa's and then Bart's. And I like how all three adventures happened on the same day. I also liked how Legs was able to help both Homer and Lisa out. And Mr. Teeny was just hilarious at the end.

#13 - Lemon of Troy from Season 6

This is a fantastic episode. Most of it takes place in Shelbyville (which is dislked by the people of Springield). A rivalry episode is a kind that I enjoy. And I really like the part where they leave from Shelbyville.

#12 - Lisa the Vegetarian from Season 7

The runaway roast pig; pure win. Enough said.

#11 - Homer the Great from Season 6

Again, this is another episode that's on the Nostalgia Critic's Top 11 Simpsons episodes. I gotta say I really like the song that the Stonecutters sang. And like other episodes, this one had some funny scenes and quotes.

#10 - Bart of Darkness from Season 6

The part I like mostly in this episode was when Lisa was at the Flanders house and Bart tried to save her. This part was really thrilling to me. Also, Ned screaming like a girl was just price-less.

#9 - Stark Raving Dad from Season 3

An episode about Homer going to mental institution was a brilliant idea. So was the Happy Birthday Lisa song at the end. And I thought that it was interesting that Michael Jackson actually wrote that song for the episode.

#8 - Itchy & Scratchy & Marge from Season 2

Wow, an episode about parents being against TV shows. I felt that the scenes in this episode connected perfectly, especially when it went from the kids watching the new Itchy & Scratchy to playing outside. This episode had a good moral (well, kinda) and this is one of the episods to have a twist to Itchy and Scratchy.

#7 - There's No Disgrace Like Home from Season 1

Another episode with an interesting idea; Homer trying to make his family better after being embarrassed at a family picnic. Most parts of this episode were funny, especially when they were shocking each other.

#6 - Bart The Genius from Season 1

This episode had one of the best opening scenes of the show; the scene of the Simpsons playing Scrabble. What I like mostly in this scene when Bart made up a word (Kwyjibo), which lead to Homer chasing Bart. I also like the part where Homer and Bart goofed off at the opera. And I also thought the plot was very good.

#5 - The Springfile Files from Season 8

Some of the music pieces in this episode were very good, especially when the "alien" appeared. And, like other episodes I like, I really like the plot. Also, aside from the Treehouse of Horrors, this episode is one of the few good choices to watch around Halloween time.

#4 - Marge vs. The Monorail from Season 4

The monorail song in this episode was brilliant. I think it's one of the shows' best songs. I also like the runaway monorail scenes in this episode. And this episode had some of the best quotes (example: Homer's line, Donuts. Is there anything they can't do?).

#3 - Krusty Gets Busted from Season 1

This is my favorite episode that stars Krusty the Clown. I really like the plot and a lot of the scenes in this episode. And I also like how Sideshow Bob made a little Scooby-Doo references towards the end.

#2 - Bart The General from Season 1

I think Nelson was more of a bully in this episode then he was in later seasons. I actually felt sorry for Bart after the fight. But I did like the scenes of Bart training the kids and the battle between Nelson and Bart's army. And I thought the scene of Bart defending Lisa would teach people about standing up to bullies.

And what do I think is the #1 episode of all?

#1 - BRUSH WITH GREATNESS from Season 2

This episode had three things that I like. The first one was Bart and Lisa asking Homer about going to Mt. Splashmore; it was quite humorous how they kept asking over and over until he said yes. The second thing was Homer getting stuck in the slide; just classic. And the last (but not least) thing I like was Ringo Starr appearing; I'm a bit of a fan of him (not just because he was a narrator for Thomas & Friends and played Mr. Conductor on Shining Time Station). These three things (and some other good moments) made this episode a true classic for me. So I give this episode two thumbs up.

Also, what are your top 20 favorite Simpsons episodes?

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