TUGS was a British show made in 1988. It only had 13 episodes. It was also known as the sister show of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. Because I grew up in America, I didn't start watching until 2008. But now I've seen all the episode many times. And now, I'd like to share my top 5 favorite episodes of TUGS with my friends.

#5 - Munitions

This episode is one of the most action-pack ones of the series. It's got a big fire scene and some explosions. Also, it had a good amount of characters and some humorous diologue. I also like how there were some differences between the TV version and the VHS version of this episode. Overall, this episode is one of the most action-pack and exciting ones of the series.

#4 - Sunshine

The first episode of the series and I thought it was great way to start is off. It was a good way to introduce the Star Fleet, as well as the Z-Stacks. I also liked some of the shots in this episode, like at the beginning when we first meet each star tug. Overall, this episode was great way to start this series.

#3 - Ghosts

This episode might be a bit scary for kids, but it's also very cool. The scenes of the tugs seeing the white fleet were very good, despite that it might scare kids. I think the most scary part of the episode is when the ghostly galleon rised up from the water. But I think people would feel better about after the part when Hercules explains everything in the end. Overall, this episode might be scary, but I think it's great to watch around Halloween time.

#2 - Up River

This episode is very exciting to watch. I say mainly because of the scene of Puffa racing to Uptown and the scene of when the logs reach Uptown. One of the things that made these exciting for me was the music. The music was brilliant. I also liked the music at the beginning. Overall, this episode had thrilling scenes and great music.

And what do I think is the #1 episode of all?


This is my all-time favorite episode of the series. I like this episode because Top Hat, who is my favorite Star Tug, is one of the main protagonists. The best part of this episode is all the scenes at the bridge. The scene where Top Hat and Zebedee race towards each other, the scene where Top Hat pulls the tall steel load under the bridge and, the best one of all, the scene where Top Hat and Lord Stinker save the Goods Engine from crashing. But the main reason why this is my most-favorite episode is because this was the first episode of TUGS that I watched. Overall, I think this episode is the best one of the whole TUGS series.

So, what are your Top 5 favorite TUGS episodes?

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