[Open up to a boy black and white dog and ten other animals who are his siblings around him; all except one of them are smiling]

Doki (to the viewers): ever wonder what its like to grow up in a big family of animals? Well, don't let this picture fool you! It's not all sugar and spice. Don't believe me? [Opens door]

[Outside his room, there is much chaos by his siblings and pets, such as a female brown tan otter playing with pots and pans, a black cat reading a poem, a grey dog dressed as a mummy chasing a tan dog who is screaming in terror, a brown and tan squirrel playing football in the house, a pink bunny angrily chasing a grinning jack Russell terrier through the halls, a yellow mongoose playing on a guitar, a male grey feral dog chasing a male black feral cat]

Doki: Welcome to...The critter house.

Doki: [Closes the door and stretches a little] Surviving in a big animal family can be challenging. Even the little things. Like getting a turn in the bathroom. Which is why I give you..."Doki's three P's to go poo and pee" You're gonna need patience, perseverance, and most importantly, problem solving. With these three steps, you'll get into the bathroom every time. [Starts straining] Which is important. Especially if you wait until you wait to the very last second to go! [Busts out comic book] Into the breach! [Heads out the door]