This is the cast for Abbykat1286's version of The critter house.

The cast

  • Daisy (female Doki) (from Doki adventures) as Linka loud
  • Sean (Male Sabrina) (from Sabrina online) as Loki loud
  • Buster bunny (from Tiny toon adventures) as Loni loud
  • Mark mongoose (Male Mina mongoose) (from Sonic the hedgehog) as Luke loud
  • Oliver (Male Olive) (from Olive, the other reindeer) as Lane loud
  • Splendid (from Happy tree friends) as Boy Lynn loud
  • Mr mewser (from The twisted whiskers show) as Lars loud
  • Eric (Male Everest) (from Paw patrol) as Leif loud
  • Scott (Male Skye) (from Paw patrol) as Lexx loud
  • Caleb (Male Cadpig) (from 101 Dalmatians: the series) as Levi loud
  • and Cub (from Happy tree friends) as Leon loud