• Curiouscrab

    Leap Day 2016

    March 1, 2016 by Curiouscrab

    Another four years full of excitement have gone by in a flash. Today, February 29, 2016, is the fifth Leap Day of the new millennium. The previous dates have been as follows:

    • 2000-02-29
    • 2004-02-29
    • 2008-02-29
    • 2012-02-29

    Many people don't know how leap years work and why they exist. To understand this concept, one must be aware that one common (non-leap) year on the Gregorian calendar is NOT 365 days. Rather, it is 365.2422… and so we must account for that extra part of a day.

    Over four years, the portion unaccounted for, almost a quarter of a standard 24-hour day, adds up to just short of one full day (approximately 97% of a day in length). Thus, anyone who follows the Gregorian calendar tacks this extra "day" to the end of the shortest month of th…

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  • Curiouscrab

    Forums are Back!!!

    July 20, 2015 by Curiouscrab

    Long before my time on Scratchpad, forums existed. Eventually, they became overrun by spammers and cast list makers. Now, they are re-opening with a new moderator in charge: me.

    I, Curiouscrab, take the pledge that I doth perform the duties to keep the forums as clean and as on topic as possible. If issues shalt arise, I shalt converse with SpikeToronto in order to come to a solution to said issue. If a user questions my actions, I shall reply to their inquiry stating the reason for my actions, although said reason should have already been stated with the performance of said action. I shall not abuse the powers located at my fingertips and shall never become coarse or corrupt in any fashion. All shall be treated the same on the forums, and …

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  • Curiouscrab

    Hello contributors, readers, and anybody else who lurks here for some other unmentioned reason.

    My name, as you may have already figured out, is Curiouscrab and I am an active administrator

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