Hello contributors, readers, and anybody else who lurks here for some other unmentioned reason.

My name, as you may have already figured out, is Curiouscrab and I am an active administrator[1] on Scratchpad. I am also a testing administrator[2] on the Admin Tools Wiki (where I test things for this wiki as well as various other wikis) as well as a regular contributor[3] to the Developers Wiki. In my spare time, I try to help users out on the Community Central Wiki in the technical forums. I usually solve most issues with a script as it seems easiest to me.

I specialize in JS, HTML, CSS, and CC Programming. If you ever need help with any of these languages, do leave me a message. Likewise, if you ever want a script to be written, I might be able to help you depending on the complexity of the script and time constraints. I have a list of scripts located here that I have created almost completely without any assistance besides for API inquiries.

Here on Scratchpad I simply clean out Special:WantedCategories and work on templates and scripts to help with the wiki. I built my own semi-automated bot from JS which is located on my common.js page that, when enabled, goes through and performs basic actions in order to speed up the process of category cleanup. Sometimes, it may seem that my account is running a full automatic bot, but it's really just that my Internet connection is really good and I usually open pages in new tabs which allows me to mass-edit/protect/delete items manually and quickly.

I also take care of the forums on Scratchpad.[4][5] If you ever have an inquiry about the forums, leave a message either on my talk page or as a comment on the designated blog post.

Outside of Wikia, I also program web pages. Some of my work includes maintaining my HTML Sandbox and working on my forum style previewer. Besides programming, however, I sometimes play BTD5, BTD Battles, or BMC on NinjaKiwi. I also spend some time on Minecraft. I usually play mainly on two servers: ToeCraft and Cosmic Craft. If not, I'll be doing something in singleplayer or with my brother over a LAN connection. However, I very rarely play Minecraft. If I do, I might be doing programming with the scoreboard functions or other various helpful tools. I own a local 1.7.10 server that contains very nice mods that only my brother and I play on.

Some other facts that I'd like to share are that I don't understand most texting abbreviations so things like "lmao" or "rofl" are simply jibberish to me. However, I do have a sense of humor. I'm also a native speaker of English, I know basic Spanish, and, from my work on German Wikis, some German (but not much). I live in the same timezone as SpikeToronto (the bureaucrat on Scratchpad) just South of where he resides. I generally prefer speaking in terms of my timezone rather than that of UTC time. In fact, I run a script by one of Wikia's staff members that fixes timestamps for my timezone on my global.js page.


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