Long before my time on Scratchpad, forums existed. Eventually, they became overrun by spammers and cast list makers. Now, they are re-opening with a new moderator in charge: me.


I, Curiouscrab, take the pledge that I doth perform the duties to keep the forums as clean and as on topic as possible. If issues shalt arise, I shalt converse with SpikeToronto in order to come to a solution to said issue. If a user questions my actions, I shall reply to their inquiry stating the reason for my actions, although said reason should have already been stated with the performance of said action. I shall not abuse the powers located at my fingertips and shall never become coarse or corrupt in any fashion. All shall be treated the same on the forums, and favoritism of one user shall not arise. Spam and vandalism shall not be a concern for contributors as they will be removed promptly just as they had appeared in such a fashion as to not disturb other contributors currently using the forums at said time. In other words, there shant be any confusion or conspiracy among or about the forums. If any shall arise, they shall be put down promptly and respectfully. If needed, more moderators may be appointed per in depth council of all current moderators, myself, and SpikeToronto.
~Curiouscrab (talk) 01:46, July 20, 2015 (UTC)

Terms of Use

All policies of Wikia and Scratchpad apply to the forums. If policies are not followed, ignored, or broken, action will be taken per the policy's discretion. A list of Wikia's policies can be found here. A list of Scratchpad policies can be found here.


If you believe a post or topic's content is inappropriate, you may report it, and a moderator will take necessary actions.


Forums are not another namespace for cast lists or fan fiction pages. They can be used to discuss these pages, but may not be used as the page itself. If you discover such a page in the forums, report it.

Groups, Organizations, Clans, and Cults

Forums are not a place to gang up on each other and form cults to see who is better. They are for collaboration and should be used for such. Any violations shall be dealt with immediately by reporting the topic or post rather than by retaliation.


Profanity is disallowed on Scratchpad and thus is not permitted on the forums. See Reporting Topics/Posts.


Bullying is illegal and thus is a federal offence. Report bullying, and moderators will take necessary action.


Forums are still public and can be viewed by non-editors and IPs. Any copyrighted material submitted should be reported and will be investigated immediately.


The official language of Scratchpad is English, and thus English shall be the official language of the forums. Profanity and cuss words are not permitted and should be reported.


Please keep a well-tempered tone while discussing in the forums. Report any harsh comments.

Reporting Topics/Posts

To report a topic or post, simply reply to the topic/post with {{report}} and a moderator will review the topic/post as soon as possible and take action as deemed necessary. False reports will be dealt with by a temporary block. A false report will be determined after a discussion with the reporter and a discussion among multiple moderators.


Help with using the forums can be found on its help page. If further inquiry exists, one may contact Curiouscrab or another moderator via commenting on this blog or by leaving a message on one of the mentioned person's talk page.

List of Moderators[1]

See Also


  1. full, automatically updated list

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