You may recall in my previous blog post about how i was retiring due to other commitments. Well I have thought about it and I have an announcement to make I'm not retiring all together, just on a few wikis, following the planned retirement of several fellow admins and/or caretakers. I am planning to retire on March 3rd, 2014. While I still plan to contribute regularly to other wikis, such as the Lift Off and the Towser Wiki as of 3rd March 2014, I will no longer be doing the following on Scratchpad:

  • Responding to messages on my talk page
  • Responding to posts in other talk pages
  • Making new pages
  • Editing existing pages
  • Uploading new images
  • Adding new categories
  • Deleting/undeleting pages
  • Blocking/unblocking
  • Etc.

Special thanks to all my friends on Scratchpad. It's been a pleasure working alongside you and I'm sure going to miss you. --— MichaelAlive Since 1995! 20:13, March 2, 2014 (UTC)

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