Hello, this is FlyingDuckManGenesis. As you may know, more and more pages are being made on the Scratchpad Wiki, many of which have gallery sections that have the following image:

Placeholder feature

Now, there have been so many of these lately, that it is hard for me alone to find the pictures needed to go in the galleries. (I've counted; there are currently 131 pages that use this photo, this page being one of them.) Here are a few suggestions I have for users, both registered and unregistered.

For the registered users, the ones that do have accounts, please help me find the images needed to replace the "Image_needed" Image and upload them here.

For the non-registered users, please do not attempt to add any more pictures in the gallery until further notice.

Together, we can help the Scratchpad Wiki get its proper pictures and reduce the amount of pages that have the "Image_needed" image.

Thank you for your time.

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