Hi, everyone. I just wanted to tell you about something called "Throws a Tantrum" video stories.

Scratchpad has lots of different kinds of ideas, and they're all pretty unique, but "Throws a Tantrum" stories aren't very unique at all!

The forum for "Throws a Tantrum" stories are usually like this: A character goes to a store with a different character, and when the main character sees something in the store that they really want, they ask the other character if they can have it, but the other character says no, which leads to the main character throwing a childish temper tantrum. This makes the other character angry and they give the main character death threats and/or takes them home. The next day, they go to the store again, and the main character sees another thing that they want, but the other character will still refuse to give them what they want. The main character flips out and throws a tantrum yet again. This leads to someone else calling the police and arresting the main character. They torture the main character and throwing them in jail. After that, the other character(s) will do something fun and exclude the main character, which leads to the main character throwing tantrums and acting like a childish brat for their whole life!

These types of stories are kinda depressing, because I hate it when people make these kind of stuff, as they're needlessly cruel.

I truly dislike "Throws a Tantrum" stories, and here's the reason why:

The main character, no matter how old they are, will act like a childish brat and throw a tantrum like a selfish little kid when their peers, usually their parents, siblings, or even their friends, tell them that they will not give them what they want. They should know better than to throw a tantrum when their peers won't give them what they want. They have to act their age and solve their own problems, but in the "Throws a Tantrum" stories, they just won't take "no" for an answer and they don't act like they really should. They just act like selfish, bratty little children and throw tantrums when they don't get their way.

I found out that "Throws a Tantrum" stories are about abuse and neglect. The stories are meant to abuse kids, teenagers, and even adults. It's really upsetting to me, because I don't like it when people are abusive to someone good and innocent. I don't tolerate abuse and neglect.

If the person wants something, but it's too expensive, then you should tell them that they can come back and get it when you has enough money to buy it.

You shouldn't threaten to kill someone if they're angry and having an outburst. You should just remain calm, de-escalate their anger, and work towards a solution.

Torturing the person when they can't act the way they should by wrapping them up like a mummy, shoving them off a cliff, forcing them to play dodgeball and lose, or even arresting them really isn't the way to go. You should reason with them and help them calm down. You should try to not get defensive and help the person talk it out.

The person who had an outburst should use their words instead of just yelling and crying. You should use good listening techniques, validate the person's feelings, and show some empathy.

It might also help if you lighten the situation with humor, or give the person some space to calm down a little.

You should see if you can help the person make things better. You should focus on the future and help them work through their emotions and move on.

I really hate the fact that in "Throws a Tantrum" stories, there are no solutions to the problem that the main character is facing. They all just have unhappy endings, and that kinda makes me sad.

There are many good stories and ideas here on this wiki, and they're much better than the "Throws a Tantrum" stories. I really want to get this "Throws a Tantrum" fad to stop, because throwing a tantrum when you don't get your way is not the right thing to do.

This "Throws a Tantrum" thing really needs to stop, because it's not funny at all.

(I'll be finishing this later)