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  • I am a biped
  • Jenburton

    Wow! I am pleasantly surprised to see the response here on Scratchpad - we were all surprised (and heartened) to learn about how important this community is to you.

    As we posted earlier, the original intent behind this wiki is no longer needed. That being said, there’s no reason we can’t keep Scratchpad open and vibrant as a non-topic specific community.

    One thing, though, that will need to change is that in order for the wiki to remain active, we’ll need to have active admins and other measures in place to ensure the wiki is spam-free for all. Our goal, however, is not to have admins here to change the rules - we’ll be asking them to help enforce the Wikia Terms of Use and ensure that Scratchpad is a clean, well lit place for all who care t…

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  • Jenburton

    Scratchpad will be closed on Wednesday, April 4, 2012

    When we launched Scratchpad back in 2004, Wikia was a much different place. Back then, all new wikis had to be approved by Wikia staff so we created Scratchpad as a proving ground. We asked people to kick their wikis off on Scratchpad and then we’d give them the greenlight to become full fledged wikis on their own.

    Those days are long gone. Wikia’s been encouraging passionate individuals to create their very own wikis for a while now with no approval process so there’s no need to prove yourself on Scratchpad any longer. Anyone can create their own wiki in just a few steps - all you need is an account on Wikia and a passion for sharing your knowledge.

    But, I use Scratchpad as a testing grou…

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