Wow! I am pleasantly surprised to see the response here on Scratchpad - we were all surprised (and heartened) to learn about how important this community is to you.

As we posted earlier, the original intent behind this wiki is no longer needed. That being said, there’s no reason we can’t keep Scratchpad open and vibrant as a non-topic specific community.

One thing, though, that will need to change is that in order for the wiki to remain active, we’ll need to have active admins and other measures in place to ensure the wiki is spam-free for all. Our goal, however, is not to have admins here to change the rules - we’ll be asking them to help enforce the Wikia Terms of Use and ensure that Scratchpad is a clean, well lit place for all who care to visit, contribute and connect.

One of those new admins is SpikeToronto. Spike is a very seasoned wiki leader who not only possesses great wiki skills, he’s also very measured, reasonable and helpful. You’ve probably seen some of his comments on my earlier blog post this week.

Over the next week or so, we’ll be reopening Scratchpad to page creation, redesigning the menu, and performing some well overdue clean up tasks on the wiki. We’ll also be holding elections for additional administrators in the coming weeks and will let you know when the nominations and election will take place.

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