Hello everyone,

Restore the Magic needs your help; we need five thousand signatures in order to progress onwards in our "TATMRR Lost Edition Campaign," so then everyone can see how Thomas and the Magic Railroad was meant to be.

To give you an idea for those who don't know about the director's cut; it contains P.T Boomer, the actual villain who wanted to destroy Lady. It also has original voice actors, such as John Bells, the first person to voice Thomas. There is one leaked scene from the cut, which is the chase scene. However, if you watch the Japanese trailer for the movie, you'll get to see and hear lines that were cut, and when watching the making of the movie video, you can watch them film a scene of Mr. Conductor saying his original lines of how "Sir Topham Hatt has given me a very big responsibility for the first time. A new diesel..."

When clicking on the following link, it'll take you to the Lost Edition page of the "Restore the Magic" website. There, you can find the petition. We'd really like it if you sign it and share it with others. Link:

Thank you.