In my time on this website, I noticed a lot of double-standards concerning morality on this site.For example, though Daisy and Dennis have commited the same crime (laziness), Daisy is treated as evil, yet Dennis is not, even though Dennis actually conned Thomas into doing his work, while the worst Daisy did was throw a temper tantrum. Further, Birdo is generally not considered a villain, only considered sweet and nice even though she switches between good and evil regularly. Sometimes the opposite happens; the site undersells a villain's evilness. For example, SatAM Dr. Robotnik has conquered an entire city and turned it into a polluted wasteland, mechanized thousands of innocent people, and drove dragons to near-extinction (and that's not even going into his atrocities in either comic book series) yet his counterparts seem to lean toward him simply being a really scary guy.

After becoming so tired of people thinking Breezie, Rouge, and Mama Robotnik were the only female Sonic baddies, I took the rather empty Wave the Swallow page and filled it with as many villains (Gnorga, Tempestra, Evil-Lyn, etc) as counterparts as I could. I later did the same to Fiona's page, though the villains I added to her page were even worse (Queen Bansheera, Piella Bakewell, Queen Slug-For-A-Butt, Biollante, Queen Chrysalis, etc). I also started making pages on the lesser female Sonic nasties, like Princess Kupacious, and when I realized that Mario had a similar case but even worse (only Wendy O. Koopa), I went and heavily restructured Birdo's page (which claimed she was only a really sweet girl), added a Cackletta article, and added more to Princess Shroob. Speaking of Rouge, I also threw in a few nicer examples, like Fifi LaFume.  

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