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  • PikachusIslandAdventure

    Season 20

    November 11, 2016 by PikachusIslandAdventure

    This Here The New Season 21 -

    SHUT UP NOOB. Anyways, here is a list of leaked S21 episodes.


    1. Daisy And Whacking Day - Daisy refuses to participate on Whacking day, so she pretends to be ill.
    2. Theo's Overhaul - Theo's parts are old and wobbly, so Sir Topham Hatt takes him to the Steamworks.
    3. A Whole New World - RWS Thomas finds himself lost in another dimension and has to find a way out. Can anybody help him in time before the portal closes?


    Still not satisfied? Here's another list

    1. Little Engines - Percy is tired of being called little, until he finds engines smaller than him and realises he is not small after all.
    2. Surprise Visitor - Gordon is lonely until he sees a familiar face right next to him. Who could it be?
    3. Paparazzi - Hugo, th…

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  • PikachusIslandAdventure

    Season 19

    September 5, 2012 by PikachusIslandAdventure

    Hello I Am Ivohugh1111111 And I Am Going To Talk About Seson 19.


    1. Stanley And The Tunnel - Stanley Take's Stone To The New Tunnel.
    2. Welcome Brad - Brad Meet's Henry And Henry Try's To Show Him Around The Island.
    3. Donald Doglas & Express - Donald And Doglas Pull Gordon's Express.
    4. Veeshol And The Guard - Veeshol Meet's The New Knapford Guard And The Guard Rude To Him.
    5. Patrica And The Crismas - Patrica Collect's The Crismas For The Town Hall.
    6. Jen and Caroline's Big Day Out - Jen the New Tender Engine Meet's Caroline Car and Jen Collect Caroline And Take To Steamworks.
    7. Brad and The Missing Cupcakes - Edward Tell's Brad about Missing Copcakes But Brad Dosnt Beleve him.
    8. Diesel and Winston - Desel Tease Winston About His Sise.
    9. Showtime! - James Take…
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  • PikachusIslandAdventure

    season 18

    August 11, 2012 by PikachusIslandAdventure

    i am normansalty1111 and i would like to talk about seson 18


    1. slaty and mr. krabs/pop go's mr. krabs - salty meet's mr. krabs.

    2. precy the piknik trein/perys piknik - the fat controler celibrat's his 65th brhday and go's on a piknic.

    3. edwerd and tod/tod the tnak engin - edward meet's tod the new tank engine.

    4. norman and the light's/norman and teh litbulb's - norman deliver's lightbulb's for the new lightbulb factory.

    5. duck and ryan/ryan and stafford - duck meet's ryan the new electric engine and befrend's him and staford.

    6. flynn and the gost of kildane/saltys tale - salty teell's a spoky take about a gost and flynn dosent believe him.

    7. butch and alfie/alfies crazy day - butch teach's alfie how to be realy usfell.

    8. spencer g…

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  • PikachusIslandAdventure

    thes rae the sesonn 17 episoeds

    1. sidneys new day

    2. scruffs ester eg hnut

    3. tidmifth trobll

    4. hank and teh fshi

    5. nromin adn dcuk

    6. sdiny and teh rtucks

    7. preyc and teh folr

    8. jmaes and teh tresour

    9. patrica and pxanto

    10. thamos and lil

    11. herny and phil

    12. lil phil adn teh jobby wodd

    13. dnoald and ollevr

    14. tboys froest

    15. disel 10 and teh scarp gosst

    16. sc ruffy retruns

    17. dcuks supirss

    18. pter sam and lkue

    19. skrloyy and oewn

    20. den and teh flinyg kiprr

    neu caricturss




    mr krabs (not nmad)

    -some idoitc 7 yr odl.


    A few hours later...

    • From Thomasfan
    • To sidnyfann7

    Dearest sidnyfan7,

    I am very unhappy with your behavior. You have made false information about everything - including Sidney.

    You have recieved three …

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