This Here The New Season 21 -

SHUT UP NOOB. Anyways, here is a list of leaked S21 episodes.


  1. Daisy And Whacking Day - Daisy refuses to participate on Whacking day, so she pretends to be ill.
  2. Theo's Overhaul - Theo's parts are old and wobbly, so Sir Topham Hatt takes him to the Steamworks.
  3. A Whole New World - RWS Thomas finds himself lost in another dimension and has to find a way out. Can anybody help him in time before the portal closes?


Still not satisfied? Here's another list

  1. Little Engines - Percy is tired of being called little, until he finds engines smaller than him and realises he is not small after all.
  2. Surprise Visitor - Gordon is lonely until he sees a familiar face right next to him. Who could it be?
  3. Paparazzi - Hugo, the rail zeppelin, is getting fed up with being constantly harrassed by the press. Unfortunately, Flying Scotsman is also a victim of the paparazzi, and thousands of unsuspecting people wander onto the tracks just to see him speeding along the line!