thes rae the sesonn 17 episoeds

1. sidneys new day

2. scruffs ester eg hnut

3. tidmifth trobll

4. hank and teh fshi

5. nromin adn dcuk

6. sdiny and teh rtucks

7. preyc and teh folr

8. jmaes and teh tresour

9. patrica and pxanto

10. thamos and lil

11. herny and phil

12. lil phil adn teh jobby wodd

13. dnoald and ollevr

14. tboys froest

15. disel 10 and teh scarp gosst

16. sc ruffy retruns

17. dcuks supirss

18. pter sam and lkue

19. skrloyy and oewn

20. den and teh flinyg kiprr

neu caricturss




mr krabs (not nmad)

-some idoitc 7 yr odl.


A few hours later...

  • From Thomasfan
  • To sidnyfann7

Dearest sidnyfan7,

I am very unhappy with your behavior. You have made false information about everything - including Sidney.

You have recieved three strikes... ...You are now banned PERMENANTELY.



          P.S: Your page has been deleted as well.

  • User:sidnyfan7: ИǪOOOOOOOOÒOOO!!!!!!!111!11!11eleventyseven!



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