This blog post is currently Under Construction.

Last Night, I was sleeping in bed, I was Dream about toons, Let's get in story. I was an Toon Cat on Toon World, Danny Cat and Sawyer Cat takes me to toons to show for me, My Mom and Dad takes me to school. When I'm in School, Wilde Wolf and Doopliss were in Disguises to acting like teachers, They was Talking about math. After their done, Wilde Wolf and Doopliss takes Disguises off and throws firecrackers at students but, Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and Puss in Boots Crashes in the top of building makes Wilde Wolf and Doopliss run away. Shrek, Donkey, Fiona and Puss in Boots gets all firecrackers in garbage. Cat R. Waul is seating in desk, Bobby Bear was try get unlocked key to get his girlfriend back but, Cat R. Waul Slaps his hand, Waul say "Get Out My Office".

Judge Doom opens the door and gets Waul's sign up note for his building. Judge gets Waul's signs and gets note back to Cat R. Waul, Building plan starts. I Get Home from School and I meet Stuart Little, I was talking about good day on school. Let's get villain part, Judge Doom is working on Building and Robots. Cat R. Waul and Warren T. Rat came in to Judge's Building that he working on, Waul says "Great! Keep Going". I'm still in House after talking Stuart, I going to my brother's house and played Video Games. Judge was get his great robot to sky but, his great robot broken down.

Mingle was walking to Weather's house, When Mingle in Weather's house, Wario gets out Dark Cannon to gets Weather turns into trophy form. My Dreams ended left my dream story uncompleted but, I hope get my Dream back to completed in Next Day.

Part 2

I can't completed this story because I'm going to my grandma and grandpa's house in 4th of July. I will completed this story in Tomorrow.

Next Day, I was sleeping in bed, The Dream is back, Let's get in story. Wario gets Weather to Wario's house. Harry Potter break in and uses his one (I not know to spell It), magic makes Wario, Wario died and his Dark Cannon is burning, Harry Touches Weather turns untrophy. Pinkie Pie finds Mingle, She say that he finds to go Ponyville, Mingle say "Yes". So, They goes to Ponyville.