Hey, everyone. You might know that I downloaded Fire Emblem: Awakening for my 3DS a long time ago. But I've been thinking about something. I think about starting a story idea for a Fire Emblem spin-off series I might do. The reason: The game itself had you pairing up characters and letting them be in a love relationship while during support conversations. Even after when you pair up a couple, they have a child character. But when child characters are paired up while during support conversations and finally falling love, they don't have a child character. But I've been thinking about that the children characters of the game can have offspring of their own. They would appear in my idea for the Fire Emblem spin-off series. Yep, and the first game in the series can be called Fire Emblem Future Fates. And the spin-off series idea could also be called Fire Emblem Future Fates. Oh, and the first game could be in the style of all of the other Fire Emblem games, or I think probably an RPG. Well anyway, before I could explain the cast for the first game I made up, let me list all the pairings I paired up, and also what children characters they had.

1. Valerie (My Avatar Character)/Chrom = Lucina and Morgan

2. Lissa/Frederick = Owain

3. Sully/Virion = Kjelle

4. Olivia/Stahl = Inigo

5. Panne/Vaike = Yarne

6. Miriel/Gregor = Laurent

7. Sumia/Gaius = Cynthia

8. Tharja/Kellam = Noire

9. Maribelle/Donnel = Brady

10. Cordelia/Lon'qu = Severa

11. Nowi/Ricken = Nah

12. Cherche/Libra = Gerome

And for the children character pairings I paired up, thus making good parents to my fanmade playable characters in my fanmade Fire Emblem Future Fates first game idea.

1. Nah/Morgan

2. Lucina/Laurent

3. Cynthia/Owain

4. Kjelle/Brady

5. Severa/Yarne

6. Noire/Inigo

Well, probably that's it for all the pairings I listed. However there are 12 parent character couples in all and 6 children character couples in all. But there are 18 couples in all in this game. And too bad Henry and Gerome (Cherche and Libra's son) don't fall in love and get married for this. Oh yeah, and I don't know about the playable characters yet, but I'll be thinking about it when I try to create the first game for my spin-off series idea if an RPG Maker gets released worldwide on the 3DS eShop. Well, tell me what you think, and if you like it, let me know!

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