Okay, guys, August has just started! Right now, my Dumbo spoof is being made, right now. So for this month, I will work hard to complete it, which I finally named it Wembley (aka Dumbo). And also, when next month's close to be there, that's when I'll be having to start my eigth MSF, which I don't know what movie I'll do next. And if TheBeckster1000's movie spoofs, The Many Adventures of Thomas O'Malley, The Fox Princess, and Tigress and the Tigger are complete, I'll be able to post those MSFs, and guess what? I've finally named two of them. The Many Adventures of Wembley Fraggle and The Doozer Princess! Now, and after September is over this year, October will finally arrive, and I'll be posting my Beetlejuice spoof, KiraJuice. That's what I decided to name it. So right now, here is the list for what might be my upcoming MSFs in order after Wembley (aka Dumbo).

  • The Doozer Princess (The Swan Princess Parody, a non-Disney movie)
  • The Many Adventures of Wembley Fraggle (The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh Parody, a Disney Movie)
  • KiraJuice (Beetlejuice Parody, a non-Disney movie)

Oh, and if Tigress and the Tigger is completed, I might be able to post my Lady and the Tramp spoof. And next year, I might be able to post Judyocchio, my Pinocchio parody. Right now, I still can't remember what to name this spoof. And if I really do a Beauty and the Beast spoof, I might use Marjory the Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock as Mrs. Potts, thus even Philo and Gunge from the same show as Chip. And definitely yes, I will use Heart Aino from Arcana Heart as Lumiere and Saki Tsuzura from the same game as Cogsworth. But I don't know who'll play Belle and the Beast, yet. I'm still having a few problems thinking, right now. Well, I think I have no more to say now, so see you later!

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