Hey, everybody! Sorry to interrupt you, but I've got something special for you all: I just finished "The Great Celestrian Observatory Detective", a parody of the Disney movie The Great Mouse Detective, and right now I'm working on The Burg King, a parody of the Disney movie of "The Lion King". Oh yeah, and once I finish it, I might be able to post another movie spoof fanfic parodying the Disney movie Oliver and Company, and I know who would make a wonderful Georgette: Princess Butter from MySims Kingdom, or Etolie Rosenqueen from Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure! Also, I wonder who would make a good Tito? Would it be Kira Daidohji from Arcana Heart? Or would it be Princess Butter, again? Oh yeah, and then after that, I could think about doing another movie spoof fanfic parodying the Disney movie, Dumbo. And I may know it could be too hard. Well, I don't know what to say now, because I'll be trying to think about more MSFs in the future, and maybe think up a great cast for all of them. Well, I gotta go now, I guess I need a little break now. See ya! Oh, and Happy Father's Day to all, too!

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