Share buttons (2013-11-24)
Google+. Facebook. Twitter. These social networks have become as much a part of our lives as the landline telephone was in our parents’ day. Wikia, therefore, wants to make it easier for you to share pages here at Wikia with your friends, families, and followers.

Recently, Wikia gave each wiki the ability to easily add share buttons to individual wikis. We here at Scratchpad have taken advantage of this easy new coding. You should now see Google+, Facebook, and Twitter buttons at the top right-hand corner of virtually every page here at Scratchpad.

To announce this new feature, Wikia posted a blog at Community Central. The remainder of this post is taken from that blog.

Wikia’s announcement

The knowledge and information on a Wikia community is just one part of the vast internet. But we all know that Wikia has some of the best content that's out there. Wikia’s making it even easier to get your content out to the world. We hope you and your readers will share articles through Google+, Facebook, and Twitter to make connections between your community’s pages and the larger fan universe for your topic.

Why share an article?

To highlight all the hard work that’s being done by you and your fellow contributors! We’ve all published something new and then wondered if anyone will appreciate it; sharing is one way to make sure it’s seen, and even get some feedback. Comments, shares, likes, and retweets can all tell you how useful and relevant a page is for others. And when others keep sharing it, that only helps to bring more readers.
Wikia Logo 1 This page uses content from elsewhere here on Wikia. The original article was at w:c:community:User blog:BertH/Showcase your community's content by sharing.
The list of authors can be seen in the page history.
As with Scratchpad, the text of Community is available under the Creative Commons Licence.

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