Thomas And Friends: Season One Review

Note: My opinion on this series is my own. It doesn't relate to the Thomas & Friends fanbase in any way.


Episode 1: Thomas Gets Tricked

For an episode to start off the Thomas era, this one seemed pretty good. It was nice to see an introduction to Thomas and Gordon with engines like Henry and James making cameos. And the music is pretty nice. I have nothing too much to say about this episode. Just that it is a great way to start off the first season of Thomas and Friends even though there were some better episodes later on in the season.

Rating: 9/10

Episode 2: Edward Helps Out

Here’s another good episode and one of my season 1 favorites. Edward gets his series debut and his theme seems pretty nice. I like his courage throughout to arrange the cars into their places and then to help Gordon up the hill. Somehow episodes with Edward in the lead role always make me smile and that's why I liked how he made more lead appearances in the second season. He's just such a cool character. He was probably my favorite steam engine until Emily was introduced in the seventh season.

Rating: 10/10

Episode 3: Come Out, Henry!

This episode was a bit of a lesser achievement. It was nice to see Henry properly introduced but to be honest, it was a bit boring that all Henry was sit in a tunnel for most of the episode and remain in the tunnel for the rest of the episode. But Henry’s introduction along with his catchy theme is what makes this episode fun.

Rating: 8.5/10

Episode 4: Henry To The Rescue

Here was a sllghtly better episode. For once, Henry shows some courage and I like the pairing of him along with Gordon and Edward. It seems pretty interesting.

Rating: 9/10

Episode 5: A Big Day For Thomas

I like Thomas’ ambitions of pulling the express but according to this episode, he  doesn’t take the matter too seriously, does he? Anyway, I like this episode  because the narration from both  Ringo Starr and George Carlin is nice and the  music was nice so that’s what made Thomas’ overeager character development.

Rating: 7.5/10

Episode 6: Trouble For Thomas

This episode was much better. One of the best episode of the season so far. It was very exciting and lively and it was nice to the freight cars to get their official introduction and to what their personality is really like.

Rating: 10/10

Episode 7: Thomas Saves The Day

Another awesome episode. It was so great. James gets a proper introduction  along with Annie, Clarabel and Thomas’ branchline. It is also nice to see how Thomas finally becomes a really useful engine.

Rating: 10/10

Episode 8: James Learns A Lesson

It’s nice to see how James gets a bigger role and I don’t care about his character development because throughout the show and Thomas history, James will always be that splendid red engine with both vanity and kindness in his personality at the same time. His theme is also pretty cool and the only part I didn’t like about this episode was the attitude of the man with the bootlace and the ending where James learns his lesson in a sad way.

Rating: 9/10

Episode 9: Foolish Freight Cars

This was a better episode and one of the best episodes of the season. I like how  James has a more helpful and courageous side to him instead of completely vain  and obsessed about his paintwork.

Rating: 10/10

Episode 10: A Proud Day For James

Another great episode. Gordon makes another major appearance and I like how certain incidents that have recently occurred are mentioned throughout the season. And I like how James is helpful enough to pull the express and become a really useful engine.

Rating: 10/10

Episode 11: Thomas And The Conductor

I don’t have much to say about this episode but there’s always a good way to start. This episode was not as good as the James-themed trilogy but to start off four episodes in a row highlighting Thomas and his branchline, it seems alright. The only problems I had with this episode was Thomas’ impatient attitude leading to a mistake so serious enough to leave behind the conductor. But it was nice to see Annie and Clarabel speak and for Thomas to get a bigger role since James was introduced.

Rating: 8/10

Episode 12: Thomas Goes Fishing

Here we go. A better episode that introduces us to Thomas’ dislike of fish. I  wouldn’t blame him because of the fact that I don’t like fish either but I’m not so impressed by the fact would want to do something that make him feel bad. Anyway,  the introduction to Thomas’ dislike of fish of what makes up for the faults of this episode.

Rating: 9/10

Episode 13: Terrence The Tractor

This my least favorite episode of the season. It was still a good episode but it had it’s faults. For one thing, I’ve never seen Thomas so rude to the likes of a cool character like Terrence. And for the first wintery episode of the Thomas era, this could’ve been better with a little bit of improvement in character development. I mean, even though Thomas hates his snowplow, that should give him no reason to damage it and I know that he couldn’t have slowed down in time to see the snowdrift but engines should always puff slowly in icy weather anyway. Overall, the faults of this episode were made up by Terrence’s introduction, the narration and the introduction to Thomas’ hatred of his snowplow.

Rating: 7/10

Episode 14: Thomas And Bertie's Great Race

Here we go. One of the best episodes of the season. There were no faults in this episode and the plot, the narration, the music and the official introduction of such a  cool character like Bertie is what proves it.

Rating: 10/10

Episode 15: Tenders And Turntables

This episode seemed pretty cool as well. Gordon and James have good reasons for wanting to go on strike and the turntable scene was awesome. The only thing Ifound odd about this episode was why Henry joined in the strike. I knew that he was getting fed up with having no rest and shunting coaches but come on. Having the elephant incident like in The Railway Series would’ve helped this make more sense. Anyway, this was a great episode that left me interested at the end from the big  engines going on strike.

Rating: 9/10

Episode 16: Trouble In The Shed

What a great episode. I saw no faults in this one at all. I loved it. It teaches a great moral about listening to ones in charge regarding the big engines and the best part was Percy’s introduction. His theme is cool and so is his look. He is my favorite  steam engine character on the show. That is, until Emily comes along of course.

Rating: 10/10

Episode 17: Percy Runs Away

Here we go. Another great episode where I saw no faults. Percy is such a cool character and I’m glad that he got the lead role. He has a funny personality as he becomes cheeky to the big engines and he learns his lesson in the end. The near collision with him and Gordon was perfectly filmed and so was the runaway scene. The runaway music fits it perfectly. Great story with great narration, great music and a great plot.

Rating: 10/10

Episode 18: Henry's Special Coal

Another pretty good episode. Not as good as Trouble In The Shed or Percy Runs Away but worth it enough for the introduction to Henry’s use of special coal. His attitude towards Thomas in the end was also quite funny.

Rating: 8.5/10

Episode 19: The Flying Kipper

An episode is slightly better then it's predecessor. I quite like Henry’s theme in this one and I like the idea of The Flying Kipper. The best part of this episode was the crash and the ending where Gordon’s jealousy left a cliffhanger over the next episode.

Rating: 9/10

Episode 20: Whistles And Sneezes

To be honest, this episode was a bit of a lesser achievement. Gordon’s whistle  sounded very weird and that’s what sums up the first half of the episode. On the other half of the episode with Henry in the lead role, those boys who threw rocks at Henry and destroyed the windows on those coaches took the faults of this episode a tad bit too far. However, I’m glad that they learnt their lesson in the end because I found the scene where Henry sneezed at the boys quite funny.

Rating: 8/10

Episode 21: Toby The Tram Engine

This episode was a bit boring but it was a slight improvement over the last episode. It was a bit unusual for Toby being the only engine at all to appear but his introduction was cool. He seems like a really kind character throughout the episode and the end had a nice cliffhanger for the next episode.

Rating: 8.5/10

Episode 22: Thomas Breaks The Rules

Another better episode. This episode was really good. It’s nice to see how the events of the previous episode and this episode both come into fruition. But of course the episode loses a point over the attitude of the new constable. I didn’t get why he had to be so cocky and take his problems out on Thomas. However, it’s nice having Toby as a resident on Sodor and that he is the No. 7 engine and the only tram engine on the island.

Rating: 9.5/10

Episode 23: James In A Mess

This episode went slightly downhill. I know James is a vain and boastful engine at heart but that gives him no right to be so rude to Toby and Henrietta. However, the mix together of James’ theme and the runaway theme was cool and so was the crash. Overall, this was a nice episode despite James’ negative attitude throughout.

Rating: 9/10

Episode 24: Gordon Takes A Dip

This episode was slightly worse. Gordon’s attitude is also quite negative as he is a really ungrateful engine at times anyway but he is ungrateful for no actual reason throughout besides being teased by Henry. But the turntable scene was cool and so was the scene where Gordon slithered into the ditch. The narration at that point was pretty good. Overall, I didn't like this episode as much as I liked the last episode. Gordon and James are both similar in terms of having such negative attitudes but at least they learn their lessons in the end.

Rating: 8.5/10

Episode 25: Down The Mine

An awesome episode that brings both Thomas and Gordon to the forefront. The  only con in this episode was Thomas’ attitude towards Gordon. I know that’s just him, a cheeky tank engine but his cheekiness was taken a bit too far and even his own coaches and good friends: Annie and Clarabel agreed and took Gordon’s side. But the rest of this episode contained pros like the danger theme when Thomas  puffed past the board and the crash and especially the music near the end while Gordon was pulling Thomas back to safety. I’m glad that they were then friends again and I feel that since Thomas Meets The Queen airs in season 4, I feel that this episode might have taken place after Duck, Donald and Douglas’ debuts.  Overall, this was a great episode and it was the best episode since Percy Runs  Away.

Rating: 10/10

Episode 26: Thomas' Christmas Party

So we come to the last episode of the season. And it happens to be one of the best episode with no faults whatsoever. The Christmas theme was cool and so was the pairing of Thomas and Toby as they saved Mrs. Kindley and gave her a nice  Christmas party. The ending scene with the “We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ song was pretty cool was well. Overall, this was an awesome to end the season.

Rating: 10/10

Overall Opinion

Even though are better seasons out there like the second season and notably the fourth season which is my favorite Thomas season to grow up on, especially the fact that Thomas And The Special Letter aired on the same day I was born, this season was great to start an awesome show, even if it is my least favorite season from the Classic Series.

New Characters:

What I liked best about this season were the characters that were introduced. The first seven steam engines ever to appear on the show followed by Emily in the forefront later on the New Series. The models on the engines looked good as well.


Ringo Starr does a good job as a US/UK narrator but on the whole, I prefer George Carlin's narration not only because I am US fan of Thomas and that the narrator himself passed away but I like how he gives the characters more of their individual voices.


I like the themes for all the characters and throughout the season but to be honest, you guys might disagree with this after all, the music got better as the Classic Series progressed on.


The graphics in this series looked very old-fashioned but that was how things were back when the series was being aired. That's why I don't blame Britt Allcroft and David Mitton for the modeling they did for the series.

Overall Rating:


Top 10 Episode With 10/10 Ratings

1. Edward Helps Out

2.  Trouble For Thomas

3. Thomas Saves The Day

4. Foolish Freight Cars

5. A Proud Day For James

6. Thomas And Bertie's Great Race

7. Trouble In The Shed

8. Percy Runs Away

9. Down The Mine

10. Thomas' Christmas Party

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