Thomas And Friends: Season 2 Review

Note: My opinion on this series is my own. It doesn't relate to the Thomas & Friends fanbase in any way.


Episode 1: Double Trouble

What a nice way to start off a great season. A bit too far with Thomas and Percy’s cheeky personalities but I’d rather watch this then The Missing Coach any day.  Percy’s cheeky personality is sketched out even more and it is nice to see the best friend relationship between the two engines. The coal hopper scene with Thomas becoming covered in coal was funny and the music when Percy was heading  towards the buffers and into them was nice. I like how the danger theme is used more often throughout the season. It is one of the best music cues before the third season’s jazz up. Anyway, both engines learn their lesson and make up in the end and both narrators do a great job as well.

Rating: 9.5/10

Episode 2: A Cow On The Line

A slightly downhill that definitely could’ve been better. I mean Edward’s theme was nice and rarely do we see Edward’s angry face. But Gordon and Henry are a bit too harsh on Edward and what could be more difficult then shooing a cow off the line? Seriously. Just blow steam at it or something. Anyway, this was a still an exciting episode that teaches young viewers a lesson on teasing people for their mistakes.

Rating: 9/10

Episode 3: Bertie's Chase

Wow. What a great episode. The best episode of the season so far. Another one of the few episodes where we see Edward’s angry face. However, what I don’t get is why HIT Entertainment is criticized for bringing Edward out of character in the tenth season when he is just the same in this episode except worse. Impatient and ignorant. I felt sorry for Bertie who had to deliver his passengers but his courage to help Edward in this episode is what makes up for the stand-alone con concerning Edward’s character development.

Rating: 10/10

Episode 4: Saved From Scrap

Great episode. Not as good as the previous one because of it’s slow tone but even with Edward at the forefront for the third time in a row, he is back in character and Trevor’s introduction is cool. So is his theme.

Rating: 9/10

Episode 5: Old Iron

Another pretty good episode. I didn't like the attitude though that James had retained since his last highlight episode from the first season: James In A Mess. I just don't like how he comes to show a lack of confidence for the older engines. It sorts makes him look younger for his size. And two times in a row has it become someone old like Edward or Toby. Finally, I didn’t like what those boys did to James’ footplate. However, it had some great music and the tone built up at the climax where James was in danger and Edward saved him. I quite like episodes where old engines like Edward prove that they are still really useful and as I said before in the first season review, episodes with Edward in the lead role always seem to leave me satisfied. An overall good episode that could’ve been better.

Rating: 9/10

Episode 6: A New Friend For Thomas

This episode was slightly better. After being introduced two episodes ago, Trevor is finally brought to the forefront alongside Thomas. The only fault was the slow tone of the episode and Thomas’ reaction towards Trevor was a bit unusual. I’m glad however that he wasn’t rude to Trevor like how he was to Terrence for not running on rails. I’m glad that Thomas finally found Trevor useful in the end and that’s what made up for the faults.

Rating: 8.5/10

Episode 7: Percy And The Signal

My least favorite episode of the season. Not saying that it was bad or average like HIT’s worst episodes but this episode had its cons too. One was the slow tone of  the episode and neither did Percy’s cheekiness, despite causing trouble for the other engines, was quite funny but he was just downright unthoughtful concering the results of his stupid gmaes. Gordon thinking he was late brought a smile to my face after all because he actually fell for Percy’s trick. And so did James. Another rare bit also where we saw Edward’s angry face. Last time of this season as well. The tone then slowed down at the point where backing signals were bought into the plot and that made the episode my least favorite. Still, it was funny seeing fall for Gordon and James’ trick. It was overall my leasrt favorite episode that could’ve been better if Percy was more considerate of what could happen from being so cheeky. Better then Terrence The Tractor though for sure.

Rating: 8/10

Episode 8: Duck Takes Charge

Here we go. An awesome episode where I could see no faults apart from the big engines’ rudeness and Percy and Duck’s idea to sort things out themselves which didn’t matter at all because it built up to the episode’s awesome moral concerning not to boss others around. Duck’s introduction is cool as well and so is the quack quack scene involving Gordon and Henry. Duck’s theme is also one of the coolest music cues I’ve heard. Loved it. Best episode of the season since Bertie's Chase.

Rating: 10/10

Episode 9: Percy Proves A Point

Another great episode. Not as good as Duck Takes Charge because of Harold’s pompousness. Trust me. He’s an awesome character like all the rest of them but I don’t like his character development that much in this episode. And he doesn’t speak much either. But his theme is nice and I like the race scene with Percy and Harold. The music in that scene is cool as well. I also like the ending song which left a good ending to the episode.

Rating: 8.5/10

Episode 10: The Runaway

Another episode slightly better. It started off slow but it was nice seeing Duck appear again since his debut but it is weird that Thomas wouldn’t be properly fixed after coming back from the works. If the Steamworks was present like how it was in the CGI series, you would’ve thought that Victor wasn’t around and that Kevin was in charge for the day, wouldn’t you? But the runaway scene was cool and so was Harold’s rescue scene along the music cue. One of the best cues of the season and I’m glad that it was reused.

Rating: 9/10

Episode 11: Percy Takes The Plunge

Much better episode. Best episode since Duck Takes Charge. There were a few cons seen in this episode though. For example, there is another continuity error. Percy tells the events of his adventures of Percy’s Promise when that comes later inthe third season. Bill and Ben don’t get a detailed introduction until their proper introduction in The Diseasel. Henry is rude to Percy and I am surprised how rude he is to Bill and Ben. However, Percy was a bit silly as well. Thinking that water is nothing to an engine with determination so much that he can outsmart freight cars. The final con was Diesel’s appearance when he comes to visit in the next episode. But there were loads of pros in this episode. For example, Percy’s Promise is one of my season 3 favorites so I’m glad that got a reference. Same with Down The Mine. That is what makes this one just as good. I also like the mix of Percy’s theme and the danger theme. The part where Percy was pushed past the buffers was also thrilling alongside the music cue. Overall, this was a great episode that I really enjoyed.

Rating: 10/10

Episode 12: Pop Goes The Diesel

This was another great episode and a great way to start the magnificent Duck And Diesel Trilogy. Diesel’s introduction was cool and I liked his theme. However, I know that Diesel becomes a villainous character on the show but why does Duck mistrust Diesel at first? That was a con but not the fact that Duck was right to do so. I really liked that scene where Diesel tried to pull the old cars. It’s both funny and thrilling at the same time. I also like the cars’ song at the end.

Rating: 9/10

Episode 13: Diesel's Devious Deed

The centre point of the trilogy with the cars teasing Diesel. It was a great episode and the best in the trilogy but how is it Duck’s fault that Diesel was being teased? He was the one who took the wrong cars. However, I like the alliteration from Gordon, James and Henry: disgraceful, disgusting and despicable. Better then all that alliteration crap that we receive from Sharon Miller. And I know Diesel took his deviousness a bit too far by what he did to Duck and how it ended that way. But Duck’s theme in this episode was cool and so was how the big engines got back at Duck for barring their way to the shed earlier on in the season. An awesome episode that has a sad ending but leaves you curious for what happens in the next episode.

Rating: 10/10

Episode 14: A Close Shave For Duck

This episode was also great despite not being as good as Diesel’s Devious Deed and slightly better then Pop Goes The Diesel. One of the best episode of the season despite the barber’s attitude. I liked the runaway scene along with the music in it. The ending was also happy with Diesel being sent and Duck returning home with his theme song playing at the end.

Rating: 9.5/10

Episode 15: Better Late Than Never

This went slightly downhill. It had a nice concept and a good plot but its pace was too slow and I didn’t really like Thomas’ attitude either. However, he learns his lesson in the end and this episode teaches a very good moral on “better late then never.” The friendship between Thomas and Bertie reminded me of Thomas And Bertie’s Great Race and Bertie’s Chase and those were awesome episodes.

Rating: 9/10

Episode 16: Donald And Douglas

This was a great episode. Donald and Douglas are interesing character and it's nice to have twin engines introduced to the series. It's also nice how there are two incidents in one episode. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was the attitude of the spiteful breakvan and how Sir Topham Hatt blamed Douglas over the delays. What I did like though was how James and Douglas managed to work together to teach the break van a lesson. Another great cliffhanger at the end as well.

Rating: 9.5/10

Episode 17: The Deputation

Another great episode and one of my season favorites. The reason why I liked this episode better then it's predecessor was because the word "deputation" made me wonder what it meant and what was going to happen in the episode. Even the more vain engines like Gordon and James had sympathy over Donald and Douglas being worried of being sent away over a broken signal box and spiteful break van. Percy played an exciting role in this episode as well holding the deputation with Sir Topham Hatt and in the end, the twins are able to stay on the island.

Rating: 10/10

Episode 18: Thomas Comes To Breakfast

Another great episode. I really liked this one. The episodes with the danger theme always seem to thrill me. The attitude of the stationmaster's wife after the accident was also hilarious. And funny enough how Donald and Douglas make another appearance right after being introduced. The ending left me excited over the next episode and over what was going to happen while Thomas was at the works.

Rating: 10/10

Episode 19: Daisy

This episode wasn't as good but it was also pretty nice. Daisy gets her TV series debut and she seems like an interesting character for the idea of bringing a diesel railcar into the show. The only thing I didn't like about this episode was Daisy's lazy attitude. Other then that, I see no major faults in this episode.

Rating: 9/10

Episode 20: Percy's Predicament

Another great episode. I see no major faults in this one either other then that the fact that Percy's accident was caused by Daisy's laziness. Poor Percy but his theme mixed with the danger theme sounded pretty cool a second time to accompany an awesome crash. Anyone like me could get the thrills and see that coming from the point where Percy passed the signal box. This is quite a fitting end to another great trilogy with Thomas coming back from the works and I like the events of Bull's Eyes are also used which leaves me to the opinion the fourth season episode along with Thomas Meets The Queen are both midquels. Wouldn't any of you agree?

Rating: 9.5/10

Episode 21: The Diseasel

One of my season favorites and the best one since The Deputation and Thomas Comes To Breakfast. I saw no major faults in this episode whatsoever. I loved it. Bill and Ben are properly introduced and we meet BoCo as well. I was frightened to the point where Bill went up alongside (error there where Ben was right next to him and popped up on the other side of BoCo, ah well) and then BoCo's angry face staring at the screen while saying "these are mine" also gave me the chills. It doesn't as much today. Back to the episode itself, the thrills stopped at that point followed by a catchy tune and I just laughed at how BoCo thought the twins were only one engine. Great episode, great plot and great character development, especially Edward in the end while I learnt what "maddening" meant.

Rating: 10/10

Episode 22: Wrong Road

This episode was also pretty good. The music at the beginning also reminded me of happiness and it's nice to learn what the word "vulgar" means. While the tone of the episode was quite slow, Bill and Ben's appearance was quite a highlight and it made me laugh the way they scared the crap out of Gordon like that. What I also found ironic was how BoCo has met the twins like a day ago and he knows how to get them to behave. 

Rating: 9/10

Episode 23: Edward's Exploit

Another episode with Edward in the lead role and that's not the only reason why this is one of my season favorites. Sure the big engines should a little more respect for Edward while he is stood up for from the likes of Duck and BoCo but Edward's theme was catchy and I liked how courageous he was in this episode. Loved every part of it.

Rating: 10/10

Episode 24: Percy's Ghostly Trick

Another awesome episode. The scary theme at the beginning was quite thrilling and so was the episode itself. I sat back at the edge as he crept up to the engine shed and scared Thomas in such a way.

Rating: 10/10

Episode 25: Woolly Bear

Pretty nice as well. It had sort of a feel of a feel from the previous episode with the ghost whistle and the trouble theme when Percy gets covered in hay but I don't really like Thomas' attitude. You would've thought that after being so rude to Percy that he would be the one who would get covered in hay and learn his lesson but as an episode based on the Railway Series like the rest of the season, this was pretty good.

Rating: 9/10

Episode 26: Thomas And The Missing Christmas Tree

We come to the season finale, another Christmas episode and it sort of seems like a continuation to The Deputation since they are both winter-themed episode with twin engines Donald And Douglas involved. You sorta get bored after seeing this episode so many times but hey, at least the writing beats the "winter holiday" crap that Sharon Miller has given us over the past seven years. RIP the well-written episodes bought to us from Britt Allcroft and her team. Harold's theme at the end followed by Christmas music always seemed nice. Funny enough for Ringo Starr's last episode, I preferred his narration of this then George Carlin. A great Christmas episode that always makes me happy from seeing it.

Rating: 10/10

Overall Opinion

Overall, the second season of Thomas and Friends was better then the first and it has plenty of episodes that you can't resist. It stands as one of my second favorite Thomas season. We meet more new friends and the steam engine vs diesel engine confrontation is introduced.

New Characters:

This season introduced some interesting characters. Trevor the traction engine, which is pretty cool to have a traction engine added to the series, not only has an introduction but his own episode to follow. We then have Duck who then gets a lead role in the Duck And Diesel Trilogy with Diesel who only gets a cameo in the season finale shortly afterwards. We have Harold who makes a few more roles in the season and his rivalry with Percy is ironic from Thomas and Bertie's friendship. We then Donald and Douglas, which is nice to have twin engines introduced and I quite like their theme as well. We then Bill and Ben and their good friend BoCo who make a good addition, especially the twins who are now my favorite pair of twins. And then we have Daisy, the first female engine, another interesting aspect despite her snobbish attitude.


Ringo Starr and George Carlin return to the series and they still do a bang-up job of it, even with the emotion they put in while narrating.


The music since the first season has become more lively, especially with all the ditties and even the creepy theme of Percy's Ghostly Trick


The modeling is the same and the ones on the new characters also look cool.

Overall Rating: 9.4/10

Top 10 Episode With 10/10 Ratings

1. Bertie's Chase

2. Duck Takes Charge

3. Percy Takes The Plunge

4. Diesel's Devious Deed

5. The Deputation

6. Thomas Comes To Breakfast

7. The Diseasel

8. Edward's Exploit

9. Percy's Ghostly Trick

10. Thomas And The Missing Christmas Tree

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