A Very Thomas Christmas DVD

Release Date: October 14th, 2013

A Very Thomas Christmas is a UK DVD two fifteenth season episodes and four sixteenth season episodes.


All aboard for a special holiday delivery filled with friendship, teamwork and fun! Rheneas picks the perfect Christmas tree when he finally stops to smell the evergreen. Charlie knows how fun snow can be and discovers that teamwork-in-the-snow is the most fun of all. Thomas promises to share his special with Percy but must find him in the snow first. Edward gets Salty just what he asked for - the perfect story to re-tell -- while Thomas competes against the diesels to find the tallest and grandest Christmas tree -- and Emily learns the best way to be Really Useful. Unwrap the holiday adventures with Thomas and his friends and best wishes for a very Thomas Christmas!


1. The Christmas Tree Express

2. Ho Ho Snowman

3. Percy The Snowman

4. Salty’s Surprise

5. Tree Trouble

6. Emily’s Winter Party Special

Bonus Features

1. Guess Who? Puzzles - Charlie, Thomas, and Emily

2. Down At The Station: Points

DVD Artwork

Casing Color


Front Cover

Thomas covered in Christmas lights with a snowman in the background

Back Cover

Thomas and Emily looking at Christmas trees


Front And Back Cover

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