Release Date: February 5th 2014

The Best of Gordon is a UK DVD featuring two first season episodes and one second season episode narrated by Ringo Starr and three third season episodes, two fifth season episodes, one sixth season episode, two seventh season episodes, one eighth season episode, one ninth season episode, one tenth season episode, one eleventh season  episode, one twelfth season episode, one thirteenth season episode, one fourteenth season episode, one fifteenth season episode and one sixteenth season episode narrated by Michael Angelis and one seventeenth season episode narrated by Mark Mohargan.


Thomas often communicates with the No. 4 engine Gordon who is the fastest engine on the Island of Sodor and he loves to pull the express. To celebrate the friendship between Thomas and Gordon, enjoy 20 fantastic Gordon episodes from the classic live action to the all-new animation.

Poop poop it’s Gordon!


1. Off The Rails

2. Down The Mine

3. Wrong Road

4. Gordon And The Famous Visitor

5. The Trouble With Mud

6. Tender Engines

7. Gordon And The Gremlins

8. A Better View For Gordon

9. Gordon Takes A Tumble

10. Gordon And Spencer

11. Gordon Takes Charge

12. Respect For Gordon

13. It’s Good To Be Gordon

14. Gordon And The Engineer

15. Gordon Takes A Shortcut

16. Snow Tracks

17. O The Indignity

18. Gordon And Ferdinand

19. Bust My Buffers!

20. Gordon Runs Dry

DVD Artwork

Cover Casing


Front Cover

Gordon in full CGI

Back Cover

Left: Gordon and Percy from “Gordon Takes Charge” [1]

Center: Gordon and Stanley from “Gordon Takes A Shortcut” [2]

Right: Gordon and Ferdinand with the Lion of Sodor from “Gordon And Ferdinand [3]

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