Release Date: February 5th 2014

The Best of Henry is a UK DVD featuring five first season episodes narrated by Ringo Starr and one third season episode, two fourth season episodes, two fifth season episodes, one seventh season episode, one eighth season episode, one ninth season episode, one tenth season episode, one eleventh season episode, one twelfth season episode, one thirteenth season episode, one fourteenth season episode, one fifteenth season episode and one sixteenth season episode narrated by Michael Angelis and one seventeenth season episode narrated by Mark Mohargan.


Thomas works communicates with the No. 3 engine Henry who is a slow goods engine and he has a passionate love for the forest. To celebrate the friendship between Thomas and Henry, enjoy 20 fantastic Henry episodes from the classic live action to the all-new animation.

Bubbling boilers it’s Henry!


1. The Sad Story Of Henry

2. Edward, Gordon And Henry

3. Coal

4. The Flying Kipper

5. Whistles And Sneezes

6. Henry’s Forest

7. Henry And The Elephant

8. Haunted Henry

9. Something In The Air

10. What’s The Matter With Henry?

11. Henry And The Wishing Tree

12. Henry And The Flagpole

13. Big Strong Henry

14. Henry’s Lucky Day

15. Henry Gets It Wrong

16. Henry’s Good Deeds

17. Henry’s Health And Safety

18. Henry’s Happy Coal

19. Ho Ho Snowman

20. Henry's Hero

DVD Artwork

Casing Color


Front Cover

Henry in full CGI

Back Cover

Left: Thomas and Henry from “Something In The Air” [1]

Center: Henry and Edward in the forest from “Henry Gets It Wrong” [2]

Right: Henry and Charlie from “Ho Ho Snowman” [3]

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