Release Date: June 8th, 2014

The Best of Toby is a UK DVD featuring two first season episodes narrated by Ringo Starr and two third season episodes, two fourth season episodes, two fifth season episodes, one sixth season episode, one seventh season episode, one eighth season episode, one ninth season episode, one tenth season episode, one eleventh season episode, one twelfth season episode, one thirteenth season, one fourteenth season episode, two fifteenth season episodes and one sixteenth season episode narrated by Michael Angelis.


Thomas is friends with the No. 7 engine Toby who is the oldest steam tram on Sodor and he has side plates and cowcatchers to protects animals from straying onto the line. To celebrate the friendship between Thomas and Toby, enjoy 20 fantastic Toby episodes from the classic live action to the all-new animation.

Trembling tracks it’s Toby!


1. Toby And The Stout Gentlemen

2. Thomas In Trouble

3. Time For Trouble

4. Toby’s Tightrope

5. Bull’s Eyes

6. Special Attraction

7. Toby And The Flood

8. Toby’s Discovery

9. Toby Had A Little Lamb

10. Toby And The Windmill

11. You Can Do It, Toby!

12. Toby Feels Left Out

13. Toby’s Afternoon Off

14. Toby’s Triumph

15. Toby’s Special Surprise

16. Toby’s New Whistle

17. Toby And The Whistling Woods

18. Toby And Bash

19. Big Belle

20. The Christmas Tree Express

DVD Artwork

Casing Color


Front Cover

Toby in full CGI

Back Cover

Left: Toby and Henry from “Toby’s Afternoon Off” [1]

Center: Toby from “Toby’s Special Surprise” [2]

Right: Toby, Thomas and James from “Toby And The Whistling Woods” [3]

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