Big Bang Surprise is a US/UK DVD featuring five sixteenth season episodes. It was released in the US as a Walmart Exclusive and in the UK as a bonus disc with the release of Merry Christmas, Thomas!


It's spooks and surprises for Thomas and his friends on the Island of Sodor as they embark on many journies, discover new things and learn what it's like to be really useful. Thomas tries to show Gordon how to have fun on Sodor Surprise Day but ends up causing trouble for the big engine and his special delivery; then he gets more than he bargained for taking a famous composer across the island to hear the Sounds of Sodor. When Percy and Diesel have to take a calliope to the Smelters yard, Percy makes numerous attempts to make the old piece of Sodor's history useful again. When Sir Topham Hatt's birthday, Thomas takes Winston the inspection vehicle across the Island in search of a very special present, while Percy takes his friends on a search for the Monster of Brendam! Will Thomas and Percy show their friends how to do work the Really Useful way? Watch and find out.


1. Sodor Surprise Day

2. Thomas and the Sounds of Sodor

3. Percy and the Calliope

4. Happy Birthday, Sir!

5. Percy and the Monster of Brendam

DVD Bonus Features


1. Thomas And Percy's Best Friend Song music video

2. Bonus Episode: Fiery Flynn

3. Surprising The Engines game

4. Guess Who? Puzzles - Sir Topham Hatt, Thomas and Percy


1. Guess Who? Puzzles - The Fat Controller, Thomas and Percy

2. Down At The Station - Engines

DVD Artwork

Casing Color

Dark Blue

Front Cover

Thomas and Gordon surprised while the fireworks explode over Brendam Docks with Harold hovering over with lights

Back Cover

Percy and Diesel with the calliope at the water tower


Back Cover

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