Favorite Friends DVD (US)

Release Date: February 18th, 2014

Favorite Friends is a two-disc US DVD set featuring two first season episodes and two second season episodes narrated by Ringo Starr, two third season episodes and one fourth season episode narrated by George Carlin, one fifth season episode and two sixth season episodes narrated by Alec Baldwin and two seventh season episodes, one eighth season episode, two ninth season episodes, three tenth season episodes and two eleventh season episodes narrated by Michael Brandon.


All aboard for excitement and adventure with Thomas The Tank Engine and his Favorite Friends. For over 30 years, Thomas has made many friends on the Island of Sodor, come old friends or new friends and he would like to share some adventures with you of being together with them. Remember the time when Thomas takes a disliking to Terrence’s caterpillar wheels but soon learns how useful the tractor can be? Or when he blames his late deliveries on the big engines but learns sense when it comes to helping out Bertie. See what happens when Diesel returns to the harbor and causes trouble among Sir Topham Hatt and his engines and when Oliver and Toad work together with the freight cars to teach their ringleader S. C. Ruffey a lesson for being rude. Cranky starts bossing the little engines about but when a storm hits and causes trouble at the docks, who comes to Cranky’s rescue? Jack learns to abide the Safety First motto and becomes a Friend In Need when the quarry is in a muddle. Fergus manages to teach Bill and Ben a lesson of doing it right while Thomas and Rheneas learn that sharing loads with your friends is easier then having it to yourself. Meet Fearless Freddie, a mountain engine who arrives in the hills of Sodor and challenges the narrow gauge engines to a race. Then Thomas teaches Hector and the diesels while shunting cars or delivering cheese that bullying can eventually lead to comeuppance. While learning these valuable lessons, Thomas and his friends have made tracks to great destinations during their time on the Island of Sodor!


Disc 1

1. Edward Helps Out (Ringo Starr)

2. Terrence The Tractor (Ringo Starr)

3. Double Trouble (Ringo Starr)

4. Better Late Then Never (Ringo Starr)

5. Percy's Promise (George Carlin)

6. Diesel Does It Again (George Carlin)

7. Toad Stands By (George Carlin)

8. Cranky Bugs (Alec Baldwin)

9. Jack Jumps In (Alec Baldwin)

10. A Friend In Need (Alec Baldwin)

11. Bill, Ben And Fergus (Michael Brandon)

12. Thomas And The Search For Fergus (Michael Brandon)

13. Thomas And The Circus (Michael Brandon)

14. Molly’s Special Special (Michael Brandon)

15. Rheneas And The Dinosaur (Michael Brandon)

Disc 2

16. Fearless Freddie (Michael Brandon)

17. Sticky Taffy Thomas (Michael Brandon)

18. Thomas And Skarloey’s Big Day Out (Michael Brandon)

19. Hector The Horrid (Michael Brandon)

20. Thomas And The Stinky Cheese (Michael Brandon)

Bonus Features

1. "Thomas Helps Out" Game

2. "Thomas’s Favorite Friend Trivia" Game

3. "Which Engine Am I?" Game

4. Three Music Videos: The Island Song, Sir Topham Hatt and There’s Always Something New (Karaoke Versions Available) 

DVD Artwork

Casing Color


Front Cover

Thomas chuffing under a bridge with Annie and Clarabel with Terrence plowing in a field nearby and Bertie on the bridge above Thomas

Back Cover

Jack lifting the bridge up from "A Friend In Need" (center), Skarloey, Rheneas and Freddie from "Fearless Freddie" (left) and Thomas, Diesel, ‘Arry and Bert at Brendam Docks from "Thomas And The Stinky Cheese" (right)


Back Cover




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