Thomas And Gordon's Greatest Stories DVD (US)

Release Date: June 15th, 2014

Thomas And Gordon's Greatest Stories is a two-disc US DVD set featuring three first season episodes narrated by Ringo Starr, two third season episodes and one fourth season episode narrated by George Carlin, two fifth season episodes and two sixth season episodes narrated by Alec Baldwin and two seventh season episodes, two eighth season episodes, one ninth season episode, two tenth season episodes and three eleventh season episodes narrated by Michael Brandon.


All aboard for excitement and adventure with Thomas The Tank Engine and his proud and strong express engine friend Gordon. For over 30 years, Thomas and Gordon have kept their friendship alive by learning the importance of forming an alliance and relying on each other to get their work done and they would like to share a collection of their favorite adventures with you. Thomas and Gordon interact for the first time ever when Thomas learns not to tease the big engine and they both learn the benefits of cockiness and conceit. Even though their relationship has been brought to a mix by competing over matters of speed and rank, they both get along by sharing interests in pulling passengers and the express. This comes in handy when the Queen comes to visit Sodor and the two friends work hard with the preparations. Watch how Thomas and Salty warn Gordon of being “too big for his buffers” and the duo compete for a Best Dressed Engine competition...with unexpected results. The engines then learn from a sleek but arrogant Spencer that speed isn’t everything. Gordon then learns on his own that teaching proteges shouldn’t always involve showing off, that respect goes to the ones that deserve it and that friends are more important then speed records. The big engine himself then learns from little Thomas how patience can be a virtue at times from touring vacationers. Gordon then shows Thomas that exciting jobs can be best completed when the two allies work together. While learning these valuable, the two friends have kept their friendship successful through responsibility, reliance and usefulness which kept them both right on track!


Disc 1

1. Thomas Gets Tricked (Ringo Starr)

2. Gordon Takes A Dip (Ringo Starr)

3. Down The Mine (Ringo Starr)

4. Gordon And The Famous Visitor (George Carlin)

5. The Trouble With Mud (George Carlin)

6. Thomas Meets The Queen (George Carlin)

7.  A Better View For Gordon (Alec Baldwin)

8. Gordon And The Gremlins (Alec Baldwin)

9.  Gordon Takes A Tumble (Alec Baldwin)

10. Thomas And The Jet Engine (Alec Baldwin)

11. Best Dressed Engine (Michael Brandon)

12. Gordon And Spencer (Michael Brandon)

13. Gordon Takes Charge (Michael Brandon)

14. Squeak, Rattle And Roll (Michael Brandon)

15. Respect For Gordon (Michael Brandon)

Disc 2

16. It’s Good To Be Gordon (Michael Brandon)

17. Seeing The Sights (Michael Brandon)

18. Thomas And The Spaceship (Michael Brandon)

19. Gordon And The Mechanic (Michael Brandon)

20. Thomas And The Runaway Car (Michael Brandon)

Bonus Features

1. "Gordon’s Express Line Game" Game

2. "Thomas And Gordon’s Trivia" Game

3. "Fun With Numbers" Game

4. Three Music Videos: Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover, Come For The Ride and Ode To Gordon (Karaoke Versions Available)

DVD Artwork

Casing Color

Dark Blue

Front Cover

Thomas with Annie and Clarabel and Gordon with the express at Brendam Docks

Back Cover

Thomas, Gordon and James at Brendam Docks from "Gordon Takes A Tumble" (center), Thomas, Gordon and Percy at Tidmouth Sheds from "Respect For Gordon" (left) and Thomas and Gordon from "Thomas And The Runaway Car" (right)


Back Cover




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