(I was thinking that around the time after Thomas And The Really Brave Engines and Track Stars were released that this could have been released around early 2006)

Best of Toby is a US VHS/DVD release featuring two first season episodes, one third season episode and two fourth season episodes narrated by George Carlin and two fifth season episodes and two sixth season episodes narrated by Alec Baldwin. It was distributed by Anchor Bay in 2006 and reissued by Lionsgate in 2009.


Known for being the only steam tram on the Island of Sodor and for carrying his coach Henrietta, Toby first met Sir Topham Hatt when his family was on holiday and ever since then, Toby became a great help to him and his engines.

Toby is one of the wisest engine on Sodor and does look old-fashioned but is really useful. Now you can share this exciting commorative Collectors Edition of nine stories with everyone's favorite No. 7 steam tram.

Remember the time when Thomas was in trouble with the police and Toby came to his rescue by frightening the new constable - - - or when he managed to teach Percy and Daisy a thing or two about special attractions and bulls. Toby and his crew are left on night watch at an old mine. Could there really be an old warrior ghost? When the foghorn is crushed by a landslide, will Cyril the fogman save Toby from a dreadful accident?

Watch and find out as you hop on board Henrietta and Toby will take you a magical and unforgetable journey across the Island.


1. Toby The Tram Engine

2. Thomas Breaks The Rules

3. Toby's Tightrope

4. Special Attraction

5. Toby's Discovery

6. Toby And The Flood

7. Bulls Eyes

8. Toby Had A Little Lamb

9. The Fogman

DVD Bonus Features

1. 2 Sing-Along Songs: Toby and The Whistle Song (DVD only)

2. 3 DVD Games: Best of Toby Trivia, Build An Engine and What Color Am I?

3. 3 Read-Along Stories Narrated By Alec Baldwin: Toby And The Flood, A Better View For Gordon and Busy Going Backwards

4. Bios Of Your Favorite Friends

5. Web Fun

6. 12-Page Commorative Booklet

DVD Artwork

Casing Color:


Front Cover:


Back Cover:

- Toby hanging over on the bridge from Toby's Tightrope (left)

- Toby at the farm with the lamb from Toby Had A Little Lamb (right)

- Toby shooing Champion away from Bulls Eyes (center; VHS only)


- The season 5 intro (1999-2000) and the Tenders And Turntables and Other Stories 1990 VHS outro are used together

- The nameboard intermissions are taken from Thomas And His Friends Help Out 1996 VHS (between episodes 1 and 2 and after), Trust Thomas and Other Stories 1992 VHS (between episodes 3 and 4), Gallant Old Engine and Other Thomas Stories 1996 VHS (between episodes 4 and 5), Spills And Chills and Other Thomas Thrills 2000 VHS (between episodes 5 and 6), Races, Rescues and Other Thomas Adventures 1999 VHS (between episodes 6 and 7), Thomas Meets The Queen and Other Thomas Stories 1997 VHS (between episodes 7 and 8) and Thomas' Snowy Surprise and Other Thomas Adventures 2003 VHS (between episodes 8 and 9)

- The Toby The Tram Engine stills from Tenders And Turntables and Other Stories 1990 VHS is used after episode 9

Opening Credits

  • Based on The Railway Series by The REV.W.AWDRY
  • Adaptation by BRITT ALLCROFT
  • Directed by DAVID MITTON

Opening Previews

  1. Anchor Bay FBI Warning
  2. Anchor Bay Entertainment logo (1999-2004)
  3. Thomas And Friends DVD Commercial (2004-present)
  4. Thomas & Friends Season 5 Intro
  5. First few seconds of Toby The Tram Engine

Closing Previews

  1. Last few seconds of The Fogman
  2. Visit Thomas & Friends Website logo
  3. Toby The Tram Engine stills from Tenders And Turntables and Other Stories 1990 VHS
  4. HiT Entertainment logo (2001)

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