The Sounds Of Sodor DVD

Release Date: July 8th, 2013 (US)

                  July 15th, 2013 (UK)

The Monster Of Brendam is a US/UK DVD featuring four sixteenth season episodes.


Peep peep! It is summer holiday time on the Island of Sodor and Sir Topham Hatt's engines are working hard to make the island a perfect destination for vacationers. Percy is to deliver tables and deck chairs to the Duke and Duchess' summer house but he must face a mysterious challenge first: finding the Monster of Brendam. Thomas tries to get Gordon interested in Sodor Surprise Day by surprising him and making him laugh...with catastrophic results. Sir Topham Hatt's birthday has arrived and together, Thomas and Winston find a special birthday present to give to him. Gordon's buffer is broken and is in need for replacement so he wears a diesel buffer and causes embaressment for himself while learing to cope with the Rules of the Railway. The journey starts at Brendam Docks as Thomas, Gordon, Percy and their friends take you to different places far and wide. All aboard!


1. Percy And The Monster Of Brendam

2. Sodor Surprise Day

3. Happy Birthday, Sir!

4. Bust My Buffers!

Bonus Features


1. All You Need music video

2. Thomas And Winston's Present Search Game

3. Guess Who? Puzzles - Thomas, Winston, Gordon and Percy


1. All You Need music video

2. Guess Who? Puzzles - Thomas, Winston, Gordon and Percy

3. Down At The Station: The Workman

DVD Artwork

Casing Color

Light Green

Front Cover

Percy at Brendam Docks, looking frightened with the Monster Of Brendam shadow in the background

Back Cover

Gordon and Diesel with his diesel buffer at Brendam Docks


Back Cover!48.png

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