I saw Disney's Frozen on November 27th, 2013, it had:

  1. Regal First Look intro
  2. Target advert (with Disney's Frozen)
  3. Turbo Fast commerical
  4. Disney's Planes on Blu-ray and DVD commerical
  5. Regal First Look logo
  6. The Smurfs 2 blu-ray trailer
  7. Regal First Look logo
  8. Cartoon Network: Christmas
  9. Regal First Look outro
  10. Coca Cola Polar Bears short
  11. North Pole Express commerical (with Disney's Frozen)
  12. Regal Cell Phone policy
  13. Frozen Fandango advert
  14. Regal Roller Coaster
  15. Muppets Most Wanted trailer
  16. The Nut Job trailer
  17. The Lego Movie trailer
  18. Walking with Dinosaurs trailer
  19. Rio 2 trailer
  20. Maleficent teaser
  21. Start of Film

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