Last year, I went about on my message wall on the Boohbah Wiki doing some posts I call TWF Chats. TWF Chats were discussions about what TWF toys and items we would like, get, or brainstorm (although we haven't done much of the latter yet).

What is TWF? 

Toys of Wonder Foundation (or simply TWF, an acronym for said name) is a toy company I "founded" less than three years ago. At first, I called it a "collector's club", but then eventually expanded on it and came up with the name "Toys of Wonder and Fun" (which I found a bit silly after a while and changed the acronym for the "F" in the title to "Foundation"). 

Almost all the toys and "items" I brainstormed were (and are) fake, but I "acquired" some real companies to make TWF as big as it could be. The majority of these are mostly plush and action figures, but other categories are also looked at. There are also many sorts of licensed media (like movies and television shows) looked over as well.

Overtime, during some Chats, we can come up with our own ideas for TWF products, which I will share my approval on afterward. 

Would anyone like to join my Collector's Club and join my Chats? The first Chat starts very soon.