Cartoon citizens, Princess Celestia!

Princess Celestia: Attention cartoons, over the years, cartoons have had crossovers: Billy and Mandy with KND, Lilo and Stitch with...well, a lot of things. Used to, cartoons, even if they were on the same station or owned by the same people, were not allowed to crossover. Later, however, cartoons who were on the same channel or owned by the same people were able to easilly cross into each other's worlds. This, however, did not grant them with enough freedom, causing them to wonder what else there was. And so, it has lead to this: I, along with the rest of the Cartoon Council have agreed to break down the barriers! To tear down the walls! To open the gates! From now on, all cartoons, no matter who owns them, no matter what station they are on, no matter what nationality they are, will be able to interact with each other! I hope that this makes you happy and brings you bliss!

You heared it here, folks! The cartoon world is free from its division! Let's see what some toons have to say about it:

Fluttershy: I like it. I think it gives us a chance to make new friends and discover new worlds.

Numbuh 5: Numbuh 5 says it's great! I can't wait to actually SPEAK with the ever-famous El Tigre!!

The Flea: The Flea says he saw this coming! The Cartoon Council couldn't just leave us boarded up!!

Ruff Ruffman: Sweet! I can talk to more people of my own kind! Not saying that real kids aren't cool, but being cooped up in that office is kinda...I dunno...bland.

And now, if you were confused by that, the gist.....

Alright, so here's what's REALLY goin' down:

So, when I was young, I didn't want cartoons to cross over. AT ALL. Later, however, I let them cross over, but only depending on station/nationality/owner, ya know...all that chiz...

Now, however, it no longer matters. A person on the Internet most commonly known as CartunesLover17 has inspired me to let them crossover freelly! For example: Fluttershy (MLP), The Flea (Mucha Lucha), Numbuh 5 (KND), and Ruff Ruffman (Fetch!) are all good friends. In my imagination, this is opening up a new chapter in cartoon history!

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