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Returning Friday 3/30, hopefully


Can you help us out? We're in desparate need of new users.--20px-UntitledUser:Porygon2922121024--

No problem, but I'll have to admint that my knowledge of the game is sparse indeed, and is unlikely to ever increase except by reading about it here, so I won't be good for much besides basic organization and wiki-ness. Also, I've been feeling somewhat disgruntled with the management here (Scratchpad in general), given that there has yet to be a response to anyone's recent posts (including mine) in the Forum. So you'll have to forgive me for putting that as a higher priority in my log of activities. Basically, I feel the entire site could stand a serious revamping. But enough ranting; I'll definitely see what I can do. - Lenoxus (sig not functioning correctly, whoops)

Okay, thanks. Anything you could do would be much appreciated. If there's anything you need to know, just ask by posting your question on my talk page, because I have very little life (sadly) and I have been playing this game since it began. User:SpazzingWonder2Redhomeicon

hi! my name is 160px-BloodygirUser:Gir Killer2 180px-Gir dog, and right now, i'm in the middle of a crisis. o well. life sucks.anyways, my real name is travis and i'm friends w/ those other 2 idiots that already talked to u. well, when u read this, reply, and we can talk 4 a little. it would be nice to learn about ur personality. till then 160px-BloodygirUser:Gir Killer2 180px-Gir dog destruction is nice!

We're moving here, Aqpedia.--20px-UntitledUser:Porygon2922121024--

Liquaman Image

The image of Liquaman is actually a Superhero called MACH-IV with all the colours swapped around. Here's the original pic. Telos 23:43, 31 March 2007 (UTC)

Thank You

Thank you for cleaning up Alternate Marvel and caring for it While I was gone. If your wondering who I am I am the creator of this wiki. My absence was the result of maintaining a 3.0 GPA in High School. Very time consuming. Again, welcome. If you have any questions there are 3 Admins ready to help you. JCSsig Who am I? Talk to me!

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