This is a page for you adventurous users who want to create your own userboxes. I have had plenty of practice on another wiki with making userbox templates, so you can trust me.

This is the basic code, either memorize it or copy and paste it:

<div style="float:left;border:solid #000000 1px;margin:1px"> {| cellspacing="0" style="width:238px;background:#a00" | style="width:45px;height:45px;background:blue;text-align:center;font-size:14pt" |'''(Insert Image Or Heading Here) | style="font-size:8pt;color:skyblue;padding:4pt;line-height:1.25em" |'''(Insert Text Here)''' |}</div>

This produces:

(Insert Image Or Heading Here) (Insert Text Here)

Color change

In order to change the color, you can change This part, by using a color name or value


(Insert Image Or Heading Here) (Insert Text Here)

or this part:


(Insert Image Or Heading Here) (Insert Text Here)

Or you can change the text color:


(Insert Image Or Heading Here) (Insert Text Here)

Template pages

To use this, type in Template:(Name of userbox) and hit go. then copy and paste the code and delete the " <nowiki>" Tags. make changes, add text and heading/ image and Voila! Once the template is saved, put the template name in {{}} brackets on your userpage. If you want step by step instructions from me, please ask me on my Talk page

For a list of existing MythologyFanon userboxes go Here

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