VIRUA Chronicles is an anime-based sci-fi/fantasy story created by Ian A. Carlson of iyeru42 Designs. This story mainly focuses on getting rid of an evil, possesed RPG World System known as VIRUA. Numerous main characters are involved in this story.

Main Storyline

As mentioned, this story is sci-fi/fantasy. It deals with Ian (based off of Ian A. Carlson) the primary main character of this story as well as Ryuri, Altima, and more. The story first takes place in late 20th century to 21st century Earth right before the year 2010 arrives. Ian along with Ryuri and a man named Leon from outer-space need to destroy the VIRUA System before it destroys the Earth.

Main Characters

Here is a list of main characters from this storyline with brief descriptions.

  • Ian Sea (Human) - Ian is the primary main character of the VIRUA Chronicles storyline, he wrote the Darkbloodian Odyssey, which is to be used as a basis for the VIRUA System itself.
  • Ryuri (Android) - Ryuri is an android built by the KAI Foundation in order to protect ian from events that will surely happen in the future. At first, Ian does not know that he is the create of such a powerful being.
  • Leon (Human) - Leon is the corporate head of VIRUA Industries. He plans to use the system himself when the new year begins. His fate will be sealed at that time.
  • Leon (Ancient Gargan) - A male Gargan who travels to Earth on his spaceship looking for a challenge worthy of his strength. After a short-lived battle between Ryuri and him, a main event of catastrophic proportions occurs.
  • Altima (de Demona) (Demoness) - A female human-like demon from the planet Demona. She falls in love with Ian after meeting him the first time, Devil binds the two together.

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