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VWE (Virtual Wrestling Entertainment) was developed by two people whos handles are "Admin" and "MoD", and is one of the original "E-Federations" ran since 2001, and is currently celebrating its 6th year.

It is ran using "design-a-wrestler" software developed by Yukes and THQ, and is upgraded each season. The versatility of the software allows its members to create virtually anything they want to be, male, female, even alien. VWE has very little restriction on what you can be, as long as its within the rules of the game.

The role-playing is done on a forum, where characters meet up and find reasons to make matches (feuds). Each month there are a multitude of shows (anywhere from 3 to 5) including a "PPV" (though it's not really pay-per-view, the entire league is free). The actual wrestling is done through the video game software, and is simulated by the computer. The players have the power to role-play and to design their own look, moves, entrances and finishers, but the computer simulation ultimately decides your fate. The simulated matches are recorded in their entirety and uploaded onto the internet for the free enjoyment of its users.

There are many "e-federations" or "e-feds", but VWE is unique in its scope, in that the league has an extraordinary amount of great role-players, so many in fact that it was required to design a "sub-league", or "WTF" (Wrestling Training Facility) for new people to join and learn the vast history and characters, as well as develop their own role-playing ability. This has made VWE a unique internet experience, a place where some of the best role-players around the world gather to have fun, make friends, and virtually beat the crap out of each other.

It has 30 active members, and over 50 members of its sub-league, waiting for the next open position.

Virtual Wrestling Entertainment

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