The V List is the largest and oldest political party in Vovatra. Its official color is Alice Blue.


Founded in August 1 AU, the V List was born from the V Movement, which united Vovatra into one political entity during the Unification Period. It was the first political party officially registered, and is still the most popular.

Political Position

The V List is considered to be a far-right party, the furthest right in the Upper House of Parliament. It is staunchly socially conservative. Economically, it is self-described as moderate-to-big government, but it is willing to work with economically rightist parties (this allows it to be in coalition with the Spiritual Center party group).

Voting Base

Its voting base is mostly composed of two demographics:

  • Rural conservatives, mostly in the Southern Plains and M Plains. They support both its conservative and big-government policies. They tend to be above the average age and below the average income. Sometimes these voters sway towards other big-government parties like the Social Alliance, but this is rare enough that this bloc is considered to be the most staunchly-V List.
  • The suburban middle class. This demographic is often split between the V List and the Spiritual Center parties, and has a tendency to vote for local and regional parties. Thus, the V Port middle class is highly pro-V List, while in a city like Nevasoya, the V List has very little support in this group.

Geographic Spread

The V List is based in the Southern Plains region. It consistently receives its highest vote numbers in the region, although it is popular across the planet.


The V List is part of the Conservative Bloc, an informal group of parties on the solid right (more specifically, right of the Spiritual Center alliance). It is very much the leading party of the Bloc.


The V List has the highest number of votes of any party, with approximately 15%.

It is represented by 15 members of the Lower House, more than any other party. It also has one of the eight seats in the Upper House. Due to this status, it is currently the leader of the Conservative-Spiritual coalition government.

The V List also possesses the mayorship of V Port, as well as most villages in the Southern Plains, plus a smattering of communities across the planet.

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