The V Plains is a region in the south of Vovatra.


The V Plains is bordered on the southwest by the D Hills, on the northwest by the V Bay, on the north by a narrow stretch of the M Plains, on the northeast by the western end of the Pink Jungle, on the southwest by the Spice Forest, and on the south by the Southern Tundra.

It is a largely flat, grassy region, and is not as fertile as the M Plains or the Southern Plains.


The V Plains have a generally temperate climate, and receive most of their rain from the winter monsoons.

Human Geography and Economics

The largest city is V Port, located at the innermost point of V Bay. The rest of the region mostly consists of small towns and villages, and is noted horse country.


The V Plains is often considered a stronghold of the V List. However, other parties do have influence in V Port and along the coasts of V Bay.

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