This page is created ourely for me and my friends to stoer all the insane quotes that I have come up with either in IMs or when hanging out with me friends. Feel free to use any of the ones you want, but remember to give me credit. Me like credit. ;)

Anyway I will not make multiple pages and instead store all my quotes on this one page. Read up!

IM Quotes

  • VAKinc says:

But... I like calling you Clarice...

Henry says: You're being a psychopath murderer!

  • VAKinc says:

Um.. just to clarify... YOU ARE GOING TO FREAKING KILL ME?!

  • VAKinc says:


  • VAKinc says:

You had a cow when you were a Child Clarice... do you remember how it died?

Henry says: Ah, but my neighborhood is not zoned for cows, and I have never lived on a farm, so how, good doctor, did I have a cow?

  • VAKinc says:


VAKinc says: Henry?

Henry says: Yes?

VAKinc says: You are Clarice now...

  • Henry says:


VAKinc says: Yes

  • Vak: .:Hit List:.

Vak: 1. Nukora for reasons unknown

Henry Rigdon:

Vak: 2. Satan owes me money

Henry Rigdon: (Ah.)

Vak: 3. Death owe me money

Henry Rigdon: (Where am I on here?)

Vak: 4. I just plain don't like Hitler

Henry Rigdon: (nobody, and I mean nobody, likes Hitler)

Vak: 5. Sadam Hussien is a trasvestite

Henry Rigdon: (except Hitler)

Vak: 6. Henry, my ego needs to eat -somebody-

Henry Rigdon: (There I am)

Henry Rigdon: (And my egos just big enough to make a meal. Hah.)

Vak: 7. Akano, he says moo to much, people might think I stole it from him.

Vak: 8. Bionicle Rex, I must gain control of BZP.

Henry Rigdon: (Kill BR and you die)

Vak: 9. SC4MM3R, he's mean to me.

Henry Rigdon: (Duh.)

Vak: 10. Nukora, he made his comic character a girl

Henry Rigdon: ()

Vak: 11. EU for not thinking Weavel rocks

Henry Rigdon: (Samus>Weavel)

Vak: 12. My hit list, it's too big.

Vak: 13, Henry for being a SoaB.

Henry Rigdon: (SoaB?)

Vak: 14, Henry, not realizing what SoaB is.

Henry Rigdon: (I'm on here three times. Pwned.)

Vak: 15, Henry, it's a flipping acronym

Henry Rigdon: (Duh. I knew that.)

Vak: 16, Henry, he's on this list too much.


Vak: 17. Henry, he said 'Duh."

Vak: 18. 7 actually.

Vak: *Henry

Vak: 19. My sister.

Henry Rigdon: (there she is!)

Vak: 20, GWB

Vak: 21, DickCheny

Vak: 22. Dock Bush, GWB and DC's child.

Vak: *Dick

Vak: 23, The Democrats of the world

Vak: 24, Fitty (SP?) Cent

Vak: 25 friar Tuck.

Vak: 26. Henry for not being IMing

Henry Rigdon: (Sorry.)

Henry Rigdon: (8. Freaking. Times. Pwned.)

Vak: 27. Henry, YES I MEAN NOT BEING IMing!


Henry Rigdon: 29. Henry, has tuna

Vak: 29. Henry, 11 times, you interrupted me.

Vak: 30, Henry, and forged my Hirlist.

Henry Rigdon: (12 times.)

Henry Rigdon: (I'm on this list so much I should be at the top.)

Vak: 31, All egos trying to get ask big as mine and those minimal (none) few that are bigger

  • Vak: Wanna know how many people want me dead?

Henry Rigdon: Sure.

Vak: France, the Gay Union of the USA, the UN, the GF, The Satanic Unions of Checkosolvakia (SP?) Poland and Russia, NATO, MI6, the FBI, the CIA, the BZP Secret Sevice, the normal Secret Service, an assorement of 12 Secret Societies, and Satan's Unholy Army of goth demons.

  • Vak: *ninja vanish*

Henry Rigdon: *ninja find*

Vak: *ninja GENOCIDE!*

Henry Rigdon: *ninja dodge*

Vak: *ninja counter measure*

Henry Rigdon: *ninja shield*

Vak: *nija MEFB!*

Vak: Pwned.

  • Vak: AND THERE WAS A #### TBRPG!

Nukora: YAY!

  • VAKinc says:

And Guild Wars

Henry says: Never heard of that.

VAKinc says: Neither have I.

VAKinc says: [/akward]

  • Henry says:

But I <3 children!

Henry says: v_V.

Henry says: NOT IN THAT WAY!

  • VAKinc (8:55:54 PM): NOOOOOO!

VAKinc (8:56:05 PM): CURSETH TIMING!


Henryclay11 (8:56:21 PM): ....That's not that bad.

VAKinc (8:56:25 PM): ...

VAKinc (8:56:32 PM): Wanna bet?

  • VAKinc (9:55:04 PM): *conquers world*

VAKinc (9:55:14 PM): *conquers Mars*

VAKinc (9:55:31 PM): *conquesr the solar system*

VAKinc (9:55:39 PM): *conquers galaxy*

VAKinc (9:55:51 PM): *conquers another gallaxy*

VAKinc (9:56:01 PM): *conquers universe*

VAKinc (9:56:05 PM): *laughs*

  • VAKinc (8:33:10 AM): Show me all of your smiles.

SmarterChild (8:33:11 AM): Show you all of my smiles? I don't think I'm comfortable with that.

  • VAKinc (6:13:12 PM): I was gonna make one for Psychopaths, Dictators, and

insane people called Asylum but Ifigured the government wouldn't like that.

  • VAKinc (8:07:38 PM): GOOD LORD PRINCKLEY!


Loaf of Doom (8:07:53 PM): XD

VAKinc (8:08:07 PM): So now...

VAKinc (8:08:22 PM): I shall show why Cybermen and Christians are EXACTLY alike...

VAKinc (8:08:37 PM): Save for the whole, made of metal and bloodlusty-ness...

Loaf of Doom (8:09:33 PM): Do tell.

VAKinc (8:10:22 PM): Reason 1: Both tend to repeat one phrase. Cybermen: Delete, Christians: REPENT THE END IS NIGH!

Loaf of Doom (8:10:50 PM): XDDD

VAKinc (8:12:06 PM): Reason 2: Both want to convert other into them.

VAKinc (8:12:39 PM): Reason 3: Both are run by and old man with gray hair.

Loaf of Doom (8:13:07 PM): XDD Cybermen being ruled by...?

VAKinc (8:13:13 PM): John Lumic

Loaf of Doom (8:13:17 PM): Ah.

VAKinc (8:13:30 PM): Their names even sound alike, the Lord, John Lumic!

Loaf of Doom (8:13:39 PM): XD

VAKinc (8:14:26 PM): Reason 4: Vak imitates both, although mostly just Cybermen because they look cooler.

VAKinc (8:15:36 PM): Oh, and let's not forget what the REAL line was in Rise of the "Cybermen" *skeptic cough*

VAKinc (8:16:29 PM): Christian will be reborn as Cyberchristain but you will perish under maximium repention!

  • Henryclay11 (8:26:49 PM): I love Matoro -more-. And you don't really seem the, ah, Ko-Toa type, no offense.

VAKinc (8:26:54 PM): ...

  • VAKinc (8:33:21 PM): Nukes, get with the program we are RPING! Now who did you see?
  • VAKinc (6:10:17 PM): ... I am the faceless monster of your um... Er... dresser drawer.
  • VAKinc (3:22:29 PM): I figured out how to kill Satan!

VAKinc (3:22:31 PM): :P

Henryclay11 (3:22:53 PM): XD

Henryclay11 (3:22:57 PM): Elaborate.

VAKinc (3:23:21 PM): Okay so you know how Ouija Boards let Satan and Demons and junk into your soul?

Henryclay11 (3:23:35 PM): Yeah.

VAKinc (3:24:06 PM): Okay, trap Satan in somones soul and then MEFB the person!

VAKinc (3:24:11 PM): :P

Henryclay11 (3:24:08 PM): XD

Henryclay11 (3:24:09 PM): Nice.

  • VAKinc (6:28:15 PM): NEW! Talking Kopaka figurine with seventeen catchphrases including "..." and "*nod*"!

Henryclay11 (6:28:33 PM): XDDDDD

Henryclay11 (6:29:00 PM): I'd get that in a heartbeat.

  • VAKinc (12:51:47 PM): I delayed the end of the world by 5 minutes!

Henryclay11 (12:52:03 PM): Yep.

Henryclay11 (12:52:14 PM): And here I thought you'd bring it five minutes closer. v.v

VAKinc (12:52:29 PM): So putting on VakQuotes

  • Henryclay11 (1:03:25 PM): VAKinc must be what Visorak means. It strikes fear into those who hear it.

VAKinc (1:03:29 PM): :P


  • Slippereh Puppeh (7:21:09 PM): This is certainly the pot calling the kettle black. :/

Slippereh Puppeh (7:21:13 PM): s=&showtopic=235836&view=findpost&p=4462023

VAKinc (7:21:34 PM): Cryptic much?

Slippereh Puppeh (7:21:50 PM): Ya rly.

VAKinc (7:43:03 PM): ^That, gun, wins.

Slippereh Puppeh (7:43:31 PM): LOL.

Slippereh Puppeh (7:43:49 PM): Dude, it looks freakin' huge.

VAKinc (7:44:56 PM): It is.

VAKinc (7:45:12 PM): Nuclear Laser Target Beacon Launcher.

Slippereh Puppeh (7:45:37 PM): Sweet.

VAKinc (7:46:53 PM): Giant beams of nuclear energy just, fry baddies to a crisp.

Slippereh Puppeh (7:47:20 PM): My kind of weapon.

VAKinc (7:47:22 PM): It sucks.

Slippereh Puppeh (7:47:37 PM): Oh.

Slippereh Puppeh (7:47:39 PM): Well.

VAKinc (7:47:31 PM): SO.

Slippereh Puppeh (7:47:40 PM): ....

Slippereh Puppeh (7:47:43 PM): The name sounds cool!

VAKinc (7:47:34 PM): Freaking.

VAKinc (7:47:36 PM): Much.

General Quotes

  • I just died, on the inside I just died a bit.
  • I'm not on drugs, I just have a personality.
  • Me: *slaps kid in back of head* Sorry, i just have wanted to do that for a while.

Kid: But you just did it TWO minutes ago!

  • Teacher: So let's say there is this little island in the middle of nowhere. Why is the USA better then them?

Me: Money?

Teacher: ... No... try again.

Me: Nukes?

Teacher: Anyone else? Please, anyone?

  • [waiting for prerecorded voice mail message to end]

Me: Frolick! Lalalala! Frolickfrolickfrolickfrolickfrolickfrolickfrolickfrolick!

Phone: *Beeps*

Me: Frolickfrolickfrolickfrolickfrolickfrolickfrolick! FROLICK! FRAOLCIJ! FRAHAGAHSJFLKSPEILEN! ROOOOOAR! ROOOOA- ... Is this thing recording? Oh heck no! I am an idi- *hangs up*

Vak's Life Lessons

  • If you ever meet someone who says that all of reality is merely an illusion and nothing exists, nod profoundly and throw a rock at him. When he asks why you just threw a rock at them, reply cryptically "There was no rock."
  • Some say if you divide seven by zero, the world will explode. I say you'll get seven point seven repeating. That or a red and green stripped octopus.
  • Remember, if you are being tried for murder, always be honest. That way there will be less idiots on the planet.

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