Valin (Red Lightsaber) vs Goylee (Green Lightsaber)

Valin Shyld is a rouge Sith who is seemily unnoticed among the Dominion and the Galactic Alliance. Perfers to stay neutrual on both sides, and lives through life becoming one with the Dark Side of the Force. He feeds off it, and it slowly but surely taking him over. Valin's limit to his powers are only know to himself and his deceased master Zevyr.

Early Life

Was not so much born on Karthakk as he was found. A group of the natives living in a remote city nearby found him laying in the jungle, his eyes glowing red like some sort of devil or something. The people took him back to the city not knowing what to expect, but he seemed to be an ordinary baby. Through Valin's ages 0-5 his eyes began to slowly fade from a dark red color to a light blue, and soon the red had dissapered completely not only from his eyes but, the people's memories as well. Valin was forced to live out on a farm in the plains of Karthakk yearning for something more out there. Valin got his wish for something "more" at age 10 when the city in which he was taken in was attacked and destroyed by the Dominion. Valin hid in a large hole in a tree trunk for literally days, watching soldiers of the Dominion and the occasional Dark Jedi pass without as so much noticing him. The Dark Jedi however occasionally stopped and looked around as if sensing something.

Valin was eventually found within the tree trunk by, not a dominion solider but another Dark Jedi going by the name of Krayt. Krayt promised to take Valin as far away from the Dominion assaults and Karthakk as he could. Valin having no real attachment to the people of the planet or the planet itself agreed immedietley. That night inside a large transport ship for commoners escaping the planet of Karthakk Krayt offered Valin apprenticeship, for he was a bit desperate for an apprentice he did sense Valin was force sensetive the minute he came near that tree trunk. Krayt explained his santuary temple on Yavin VI and would like to train Valin there. Valin didn't understand even what the force was but, hesitantly agreed to the purposal going in blind sighted and having no idea of what the Dark side of the force was capable of.


During Valin's early stages of training he proved to be bored and unintrested in the teachings of the Dark Side. Krayt saw to this, by not simply telling Valin the power he could acheive but, show it. Krayt when Valin was asleep stalked him into his room and struck him with force lightning causing his screams to echo through the halls of the temple. This assault of lightning continued for minutes, and Valin's clothing was literally burned off of his body when Krayt stopped.

"Know the power of the Dark Side" Were the words Krayt told Valin before turning his back on him only to let Valin's anger build and he coming at Zevyr with a punch, but in vain and only to be slashed a lightsaber slash going down the back of his skull and knocking him to the floor out cold.

After this experience Valin proved to his Master he was more intent on learning, and he progress was amazing from that point on. Valin acheived points of the force, that even his Master Krayt didn't acheive for months longer than him. Three years these excersices went by, and Valin was now 16 and a lot wiser of not just the force, but everything around him. Valin was finally sent on the mission he had been waiting for. The Mission that if passed he would be awarded his Lightsaber. A Mission to kill a Jedi apart of the Galactic Alliance stationed on Tatoonie. Their name... Goylee Forez.

Shadow of Tattoonie

Zevyr handed Valin his lightsaber before, he was forced to make his way to Tattoonie if Valin survived the encounter with the Jedi then he would be able to keep it. That was Zevyr's philosophy. Valin traveled for days to the sand giant planet, in deep meditation and when upon arriving at one of the worst possible times. Right in the middle of a sand storm. Valin stepped out of his ship and began to sprint forward toward the city of Anchorhead.

Valin found lots of information of Goylee in Anchorhead and found him to be somewhat of a hermit, nobody knowing of his Jedi heritage and his connections of with Galactic Alliance. Valin after the sand storm was easily able to spot the small hut in the middle of the dune sea, and approached it with caution before driving his saber through the tent and ripping through it making a small slash in it to see nobody inside.

Valin turned around to be sneak attacked by Goylee who jumped down from one of the dunes and locked sabers with Valin. Valin gained the upperhand on Goylee and backed him up past the dunes and eventually knocking him down the sand he rolling down a hill the floor above. Valin hopped from the hill to strike Goylee but, received a heavy blow to the torso causing a slash to his chest going to the left. Valin let out a scream of agony before lifting up to a kneeling position and continuing the duel with Goylee. Goylee kept his advantage with a series of pushes until Valin was backed up into a sandcrawler. Valin ducked a near fatal stab of the lightsaber and Goylee whipped it out only to have his left arm slashed clean off and falling into the sand. Goylee fell slowly backwards and silently and peacefully hit the sand limply.

Valin held his slash on his chest before turning around and panting heavily looking up toward anchorhead before deigniting his lightsaber. Valin still heard the sound of a lightsaber though and turned around to be greeted with a slash from Goylee's lightsaber going up from his stomache all the way up past his right eye. Valin let out a scream and stumbled backwards, as Goylee looked to deliver a fatal blow, but Valin let go of his lightsaber and force pushed it through the stomache of Goylee, letting the force guide his aim rather than his eyes. Valin opened his eyes to watch Goylee's eyes glaze over and he fall backwards onto the sand. As Goylee hit the sand, it was as if signing a paper stating that Valin was now an official member of the Sith. Not the Dominion though. A rouge Sith, like his master before him.

Fall and Rise to Power

For the next couple years, Valin was sent on an assortment of missions to kill members of both the Dominion and the Galactic Alliance for unknown reasons to him, but he never questions his master's judgement. For once, in Valin's entire training process his master only accompanied him in one mission, which would turn to be Zevyr's last. The Mission of Manaan, to destroy not one Dominion Member but, an entire Dominion Base.

The Manaan attack went smoothly, Valin able to pick off one member of the Dominion now and again, to cause their numbers to dwindle. Valin listened every night to his master, complain of how the mission was going to slow and how he wanted more. How he wished to be Lord Tepe. Valin ignored his Master's rambling until one night when he told Valin everything would change tommorrow.

Valin was stationed in his original spot, an appartment complex placed 500 feet away from the dominion base. Valin watched the Dominion Base all that day and found no sign of any Dark Jedi expect for one. His Master Zevyr approached the Dominion Base, and ignited his lightsaber. Zevyr slashed through them all at the beginning base, until being overwhelmed with the power of the Dark Jedi and being force lightninged all around him. Zevyr swung in an attempt to escape the blasts, but was in vein and fell due to this. Valin watched them toss his body into the river and finally toss his lightsaber in after it, but Valin swung over the ledge of the platform and forced the lightsaber to him.

Valin looked at the lightsaber and ignited it before angerly looking up to the sky and heading toward the Dominion Base. The Dominion now on edge, had a lot more reinforcements and Valin's anger gave him more focus than his master made him stronger and took out every man infront of the Manaan Dominion Base. Valin completed the mission, killing every members of the Dominion within the base being consisted of mostly Dark Jedi Apprentice and Common Soldiers. Valin was placed on trial by the Selkath, but before his court date came escaped Manaan on a refugee ship.

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