The trolls of Azeroth were making empires long before any other race had even started theirs. However, it turns out they were also found in Lesera. But because of this other world’s separation, they are a third sub species instead of the jungle or forest trolls. They are known as the ‘valley trolls’. Despite their name, they are well known for living along beaches and rivers though.

Physical features

Sharing the general lanky figure of the jungle trolls of Azeroth, they still look very similar to their cousins. Their tusks point downwards however, and they have one extra toe (coming up to a total of three). Their hands possess an extra finger as well, giving them a total of four. Their teeth have changed for the valley’s plant life, making them vegetarians, this has reduced their regenerative abilities though.

Male vs. Female

As with the Azerothian trolls, they look rather different. The males hunched over and the females standing straight to equal roughly the same height.


This is where the clearest branch away from their cousins can be seen. They have become a more scientific race instead of superstitious. They are the leading inventors of Lesera because of this, and good friends to the Nechetta for providing supplies.


Even after who knows how many years without exposure to their Azerothian cousins, the trolls still maintain a dialect very similar to Zandali. The basics of grammar and several words are still the same, however as things are invented words change. For example, the Zandali and valley troll word for ‘gun’ is very different.


This is also another area where they branch far away from their cousins. Instead of wearing simple cloth to cover themselves, or overly decorative garments to show power, they have chosen to wear full body simple armor or clothing.


Unlike their superstitious cousins of Azeroth, the valley trolls are believers in the old gods. However, they do nothing to show any sign of actual worship, and instead develop an agnostic approach.

Social structure

Favoring empires over tribes, they have joined with the two standing empires and follow their system. The few groups that are exclusively troll, still attempt to form empires using vast cities, however there is only one troll empire of any standing power, the Zul’Alarion. Which means ‘Great guardian’, they are the mass producer of technology to all sides. In an ironic twist, they sell weaponry.


The valley trolls use a simple name set up, in which they just have a first call name. However, at birth they are only one named, but they are heavily fond of titles. As such a troll engineer named Vos will be called “Engineer Vos” sometimes getting to ridiculously long strings like, “High Engineer of the Zul’Alarion, Rosamji born, dragon slayer, kingdom killer, village raider, blood stained, Vos.” They try to pack an entire lifetime’s accomplishments into their titles for formal greetings, but as is their tradition a troll cannot say his own full title to present himself, only another person may present him with his full title. As such servants and slaves are popular among them to get their title spoken when they enter a room. Otherwise they are allowed to say one title and their name for a greeting, that same person would pick a title and use it such as “High Engineer Vos” or “Dragon slayer Vos”.

Racial powers

  • Advanced intelligence and decent sized hands has made for them to be good inventors and superior magicians.
  • Their old heritage still keeps them powerful warriors and hunters.
  • As a mix of their new evolution and old ways as warriors, the trolls are the most adaptable race.

Racial weaknesses

  • Their regeneration is poor compared to Azeroth’s trolls


The valley trolls have gone a different way then the jungle and forest trolls in their structures over the thousands of years. Instead of temples made from stone, they have developed a style that seems to closely relate to the high elves home of Quel’thalas. Beautiful cities of polished stone and glass or crystal, with artistic carvings everywhere.

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