Attacks 3
Weapon Used Large Fist
Habitat Ruins, Dungeons, Towns
Number Encountered 1
Type Undead
Reaction Hostile
Intelligence High

Origins and Distribution

Vampires are one of the oldest races in service to Evil. It is likely that Vampires numbered amongst the leaders of the Forces of Evil during the First Battle. The exact origin of Vampires is currently unknown, though it is widely believed that they were created by one of the Dark Gods in order to lead the Undead into battle. Certainly today they are known as the Master Undead - highest of the Greater Undead.

The distribution of Vampires across Titan is Irritarian owing to their age. In Allansia and Khul alike, they are greatly feared simply because of their power. However, in certain parts of the Old World, most notably the principality of Mauristatia, Vampires have established entire dynasties that survive for generations before being challenged. Recently, one of the most powerful of these was the Heydrich dynasty.


As they are immortal, the lifecycle of Vampires is very different to that of most other beings. A Vampire is considered a Fledgling until they reach 1000 years of age, at which point they become Adults and are permitted by Vampiric law to found their own dynasties. After 2500 years of existence, a Vampire is known as an Elder, though this title is also bestowed upon a deceased founder of a dynasty.

There are two ways of creating a Vampire. The first is being bitten on three consecutive nights by the same Vampire, which is the most usual method. The second is voluntarily exchanging blood with the Vampire in order to acquire some of the Vampire's greater experience and strength, which is how Vampiric dynasties are formed.

Abilities and Powers

Vampires are known for being extremely difficult to kill. Typically, only a silver or enchanted weapon is able to cause them any harm; although garlic, silver-rimmed mirrors or a crucifix will hold them at bay for a few seconds only. A Vampire will be killed if a stake is hammered through their heart - traditionally, the stake is made out of yew, the tree of death - but will immediately be resurrected should the stake be removed.

The only sure way to defeat a Vampire is to stake and decapitate it, then burn the body and scatter the ashes. But if more than half of the ashes are mixed with blood, they will coalesce back into the Vampire's form once more. This near-immunity to death is perhaps the greatest reason why Vampires are universally feared and hated.

All Vampires have a hypnotic gaze that can rapidly cause an affected individual to fall completely under their control. Many are able to turn into an animal or mist at will, though some weak Vampires can only do this under extreme duress, such as when defeated but not killed by a silver or enchanted weapon. In some dynasties, powers such as extreme strength or speed, increased regenerative ability, psychic powers or magical ability are sometimes also found.

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