Vampire Knight/Mario

Cast lists

Version 1 (by Vinhchaule)

Attention niels epting WARNING: Do NOT edit or otherwise alter: Edit YOUR cast list ONLY. (See SP:CAST)

  • Yuki Cross as Princess Peach
  • Zero Kiryu as Mario
  • Kaname Kuran as Luigi
  • Sayori Wakaba as Princess Daisy
  • Nadeshiko Shindo as Princess Rosalina
  • Kasumi Kageyama as Toad
  • Fuka Kisaragi as Birdo
  • Ichiru Kiryu as Wendy O. Koopa
  • Akatsuki Kain as Wario
  • Hanabusa Aido as Waluigi
  • Rido Kuran as Bowser
  • and more

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