Vampire On Titus
Vampire On Titus
Released 1993
Genre Grunge
Length 30:42
Label Scat
Catalog # 31-1
Vampire On Titus is the 6th album by indie rock group Guided By Voices, from Dayton, Ohio, United States. Vampire on Titus was recorded after a short-lived dissolution of the band (after 1992's "farewell" album Propeller) but prior to the full-time regrouping that occurred with the assemblage of the Bee Thousand album and the band's return to live performance. The album was recorded with a skeletal line-up consisting of Robert Pollard (drums, guitar and vocals), Jim Pollard (guitar, noise), and Tobin Sprout (bass, guitar, and vocals). This is the final Guided by Voices album to be recorded with longtime producer Steve Wilbur. The album is often acknowledged as being the most abrasively lo-fi in the entire Guided By Voices catalog while still often being regarded as one of the band's finest recordings.

Track Listing

  1. ""Wished I Was A Giant"" (2:43)
  2. "#2 In The Model Home Series" (1:45)
  3. "Expecting Brainchild" (2:30)
  4. "Superior Sector Janitor X" (0:37)
  5. "Donkey School" (1:03)
  6. "Dusted" (2:08)
  7. "Marchers In Orange" (1:24)
  8. "Sot" (2:35)
  9. "World Of Fun" (0:55)
  10. "Jar Of Cardinals" (1:22)
  11. "Unstable Journey" (2:15)
  12. "E-5" (1:29)
  13. "Cool Off Kid Kilowatt" (0:56)
  14. "Gleemer (The Deeds Of Fertile Jim)" (2:24)
  15. "Wondering Boy Poet" (0:59)
  16. "What About It?" (1:37)
  17. "Perhaps Now The Vultures" (2:23)
  18. "Non-Absorbing" (1:37)

Propeller Vampire On Titus Bee Thousand

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