Vanguard Financial Consulting, offers best-in-class executive financial and marketing consultation for bank and non-bank financial organizations. The team at Vanguard Financial Consulting consists of a diverse group of financial, marketing and technology strategists. This allows Vanguard Financial Consulting to offer a unique hybrid of CFO and CMO service offerings that include DeNovo consultation, old bank upgrades, communications management, strategic planning, budgeting, SEO/SEM, website design, online banking strategy, staffing/productivity analysis and merger and consolidation analysis, capitalization, investment banking, and investment portfolio management.

Spearheaded by CEO Bryn Tindall and President Brian Grimes, Vanguard Financial develops and implements custom solutions that can help financial institutions to not only survive, but thrive during tenuous economic conditions.

Vanguard Financial Consulting is a subsidiary of the Horizon Marketing Group.

For more information about Vanguard Financial Consulting, visit

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